Dragon Hunters: Heroes Legend is an action-packed game that takes players on an epic journey to become legendary dragon hunters. With a variety of powerful weapons and abilities at your disposal, you will face off against fearsome dragons in intense battles. But beware, these creatures won’t go down easily – you’ll need a strategic approach and skillful execution to claim victory. Explore stunning landscapes, uncover hidden treasures, and team up with friends in this thrilling adventure. Are you ready to prove yourself as the ultimate dragon hunter and achieve the status of a true legend?

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- 500 gold, 10 diamonds, 2000 money, 5 rubies, 1 legendary weapon, 100 gems, 50 resources, 2 equipment pieces, 1000 gold, 20 gems

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- 1000 gold, 50 gems, $20, 10 diamonds, 100 wood, epic sword, health potion, golden armor, fire staff, magic ring

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Gift CodesTotalExpiration Date
FVUaBXEH111October 28, 2023
j6tQIYieyc348October 10, 2023
9yAvwK3DR974November 10, 2023
QA5N1nuCEWd375September 27, 2023
MJEnKWh4vO898September 25, 2023

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  • Step 2: Enter the code in the gift code box and press 'Confirm' to receive the reward.

Dragon Hunters: Heroes Legend Tier List

Don't bother. It's a pay to play, and the products are so heavily overpriced. To clear one event, it will cost more than $750 US. And if you don't pay, you'll never move forward. You need multiple ingredients for multiple things to upgrade one piece of equipment. It's also extremely unbalanced even though they'll state it is - you'll never win an event unless you're in a high CP server. They also only use automatic responses, so any complaints get ignored and pushed aside. 0/10 not worth it.

Great idle game....good for those who like to play games and don't have much time. You can level up and join guild event while offline. The material and event rewards are worth it and the tasks are mostly...daily task too. No need extra effort for event task. Only small task like mini game if any event task is added. Love the pet and pet homeland features. The incubator helps a lot.

You lose your character everytime you reinstall app. Faulty when linked to email acc. Lost 5 characters starting from scratch, buying packs for all, waste of my time and money.

Graphics looks nice, auto gameplay seems ok, In my case drop rate is too low compare to other players. Basically I have to buy everything that others getting as drop. It's very unfair it seems. If you can adjust this very helpful. In next update, can you please give us a option to choose gender, it helps us a lot.

It could have been nice if it can be played horizontally/landscape. Screen is too crowded specially if there's fights between players.

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LET'S GO HUNTERS ! I. New Class Demon Envoy Launched
II. New Pet - Triceratops
III. All New Miniature Version
IV. New Mode - Guild League
V. Guild Salary System
VI. New System: Divine Realm Avatar
VII. New Mode: Divine Mystic Realm
VIII. Holy Relic System Upgrade
IX. Other Adjustments

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