Dragon Drill is an original action-packed arcade game with platforming elements in which you’ll have to defend your home planet from an alien invasion. Insidious aliens are not going to leave the Earth and settled on it for a long time. Summon a mechanized dragon for help and free the planet from uninvited invaders. Destroy enemies by dealing crushing blows to them at the right moment. Make sure that the dragon does not receive critical damage and dodge enemy attacks. Defeat epic battles of powerful bosses. The game received an exciting gameplay, colorful high-quality graphics and many levels.

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Gift Codes Expiration Date Total
EfBswD7eh6S February 22, 2023 800
p95sbkKd0EWe January 30, 2023 970
TteLQ4Y9bk March 14, 2023 109
Tk1JdLtEufh February 24, 2023 234
wR5h4iNZPpY February 3, 2023 114

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Its an ok game , but so many adds . One will pop up every half a minute, waste of time . Way too many adds , which makes this game garbage. Going to delete now .

This is a very bad game, it sucks 👎 the add can't seem to find the exit button, and when I close out to game, and I go back to it, it restarts it all over to the beginning, they were too many adds, so I toggled airplane mode, no ads came, but I watched an ad to upgrade and showed the ad screen, but I couldn't find the exit button, and when I saw the yellow thing of another level coming makes the game faster, and gets slower when it gets away, but the game isn't fast enough, so I uninstall it.

Despite this game presenting as one, it's actually around 10 different minigames. Despite the fact, every single one of these minigames are incredibly easy to pass in any way. Ads show up after completing a level or even going to a different section, so this game is really just getting rich off of the 15 ads that appear within the 8 minutes of gameplay.

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Dragon Drill Wiki

The city is destroyed by aliens! 1. Increase the new level
2. Fix some bugs

Name Dragon Drill
Version 2.9.20
Price FREE
Rating 3.8 (11804 ratings)
Category Codes
Update January 28, 2023
Get it on Google Play
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