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The graphics are beautiful and the game play is really enjoyable. But once you exit out you can't go back to where you left off. Every time you open the game the highest level you can start from is level 4. Even in the paid version. So you have to redo all of the levels you already completed if you have any hope to make forward progress. And that's really dumb. If I close out at the start of level 8 I want to be able to return to level 8.

Beautiful graphics and the puzzles are challenging but not too hard. My only gripe is it doesn't show a level has been completed (other than the two jewels at the top showing you've found those). So for me personally, I'll go back and forget my progress and end up playing levels over again. Am I doing something wrong? I will upgrade to five stars if I get an answer.

I thought it was entertaining, but it seemed a lot easier and more simple than the other ones. I will say the story on this one was MUCH better. I didn't understand the stories of the first two at all. There is an issue with the achievements though which is annoying. It didn't award 3 even though I completed them and it even gave me the award for 100% completion. I would not have been willing to spend the asking price on this game for how short and easy it is, but it was great on Play Pass.

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Escape through unique doors in this atmospheric 3D puzzle game Security update

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