Doodle Jump 2 is the second part of the legendary arcade game with a funny hero and new unique and interesting worlds. Travel through a dream world filled with pillow monsters, a rain world with raincoat monsters and mud floats, visit the world of ancient people and huge prehistoric animals. Jump on the platforms, climbing higher and overcome various obstacles. Exciting adventures await you, meeting funny characters and colorful locations with different types of platforms: cheesy, exploding, moving, disappearing and many others.

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aI5DcWXylBeJuly 24, 2023556

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It's definitely more difficult than the first one, which wouldn't normally be a problem, except that means you watch more ads. You're forced to watch an ad every time you lose, and they aren't the quick ads. They're the ones that make you watch for awhile, then when you click the skip or X, it still brings you to the Google Play store for whatever game it's promoting. I could probably tolerate it if it was time based ads, like for every 3 mins, you watch one ad. But I'm uninstalling now.

Doodle Jump 2 is a very fun game! It's a lot more animated than the original Doodle Jump and I personally love that. I loved the original Doodle Jump it's what inspired me to draw more, and I think the monsters are really cute! Especially the Doodler. It's a bit more difficult too. Although, as others have said, the game has a few problems. The game has many ads and is missing the background art the original shared for some of the themes in the stages. Other than that, i love it! Great job!

it's pretty good. some changes i would make, though. doodle jump is a game that i enjoy casually. i usually only play pc games, but when i'm at school and bored i can turn doodle jump on and pass the time for 30 minutes or so. as someone who's played both games and doesn't have any nostalgia for the first, here's what i thought about the second. first off: the controls are a little different than the first, but easy to get used to. once i passed the first couple levels, i was accustomed to the slightly new mechanics (mostly, you just feel a bit slower and "bouncier", if that makes sense). the point system is also slightly different. you have two things you want to do: collect stars for progression and get as high as you can. points are also accumulated a lot slower than in the first game, which is fine, but a change i find sort of interesting. my highest score in the first game is around in the 30,000s, but my highest score in the second is only around 3,000. i have no real complaints here. i just thought it was something to note. secondly: i liked the progression element they added, but it goes by... very fast. i sat down and powered through the rain level in a few hours. the game took me a total of about a week to beat. it's a little disappointing that it's that easy to get through/"win", but it's fine. maybe i just play too many games, lol. i like games with a lot of freedom to do what you want, but with a progression system as well that gets you on track and gives you a certain goal, so i did find that to be an improvement on the original (of course, the original game did have some achievements/goals, but they weren't necessary to pay attention to, so i don't really count them). i just wish it were longer. third: there aren't very many ads. i'm willing to sit through ads in order to pay the creator of games, but too many ads get irritating as hell, so not having a ton is nice. fourth: the main thing i disliked about this game compared to the original was the downgrade in art style. the first game gave off the look and vibe of something that was doodled in a notebook (hence why it's called "doodle jump") and the unclean, sketchy colors really helped to accentuate that. the second game gets rid of a large amount of this and makes the colors clean and solid. i didn't like that. however, it didn't bother me too much. it just took away from the personality a little. fifth: i liked how they implemented themed levels more into the game. the first game had themed levels as well, but they were almost... hidden? it took me a long time to figure out that there were even themed levels at all- i couldn't find anything that told you that there were different types of levels if you swiped at the black part of the screen. maybe that's just me being an idiot, but still. it was a weird design choice, in my opinion. i also found the placement of the levels a bit strange. you have the heavily themed levels like the space level and the desert level, but then the last two levels are only lightly themed, like the rain level and the music level? shouldn't the heavily themed levels be closer to the last ones, and the lightly themed ones closer to the first ones? it's a strange choice. i would've moved them around a bit. but it's fine. (i also think that there should be more levels. 8 is not enough.) TL;DR: it's fine. about on-par with the original, in my opinion. if you liked the first game, you'd probably be able to enjoy this just fine. why did i put so much effort into a doodle jump review

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BE WARNED: Insanely Addictive! In this epic update we bring you one of the best levels so far in the history of doodle jump - basketball!

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