Domino’s Portugal offers a delectable range of pizzas, sides, and desserts for both delivery and dine-in. With an extensive menu featuring classic and innovative flavors, customers can satisfy their cravings with delicious options such as the Pepperoni Passion pizza or the Vegi Supreme. Domino’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction ensures a delightful dining experience every time. The user-friendly website and user-friendly app make ordering convenient, while the efficient delivery service promises hot and fresh food straight to your door. Choose Domino’s Portugal for a mouthwatering pizza experience that never disappoints.

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- 1. Free large pizza, 2. 50% off any pasta, 3. Free dessert with purchase

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- 1. Free large pizza 2. 50% off on any side 3. Buy one get one free pizza slice

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Domino’s Portugal

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  • Step 2: Enter the code in the gift code box and press 'Confirm' to receive the reward.

Domino’s Portugal Reviews

Can't login in the app, despite doing so successfully on the website. It's apparently been an issue since last year, going by other users' reviews. The fact that they still haven't fixed it is enough to make me give up on the app itself.

Tried to login with the new update however when I choose the option to deliver home and the address is correct I click the button to order yet nothing happens it stays on the same page. Did it on the website nothing bad happened and I was able to order.

Depois da minha experiência no app, nunca mais com dominós Pizza. And about their new website, they just ruined the old one. The developers should get fired. Unless they are doing what they were asked to do, hindering the customer experience and taking more money from them. They will spam you with fake discounts to make you download their app just to figure out that you can't access your account and the discount itself.

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