Dentist Game Inc is proud to introduce ASMR Doctor, an innovative mobile game that offers a unique and relaxing experience for players. With mesmerizing ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) audio and realistic dental procedures, players can enjoy a calming and immersive gameplay experience. ASMR Doctor provides an opportunity for players to take on the role of a skilled dentist, performing various dental treatments and procedures while enjoying the soothing ASMR sounds. With stunning graphics and engaging gameplay, ASMR Doctor is a must-play game for those seeking a tranquil and satisfying gaming experience. Download ASMR Doctor today and experience the ultimate dental ASMR adventure!

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Dentist Game Inc – ASMR Doctor

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Dentist Game Inc – ASMR Doctor Review

Alright, with all the 5 star ratings that are clearly generated by bots, I'd like to add a rating here. The game is barely playable. You do the same thing over and over again. Every time you finish a level, there's an ad. When you start a level, there's an ad. I wouldn't be so mad about it if you could skip them a few seconds in. But, they're all 30 second ads that you can't skip. It's really not a good game and it's a waist of time.

I have a few problems. Why do you have to buy other avatars? Why isn't there a larger variety of dental problems? Why can't we work on the molars? Why aren't there different tools? I get to save money but jeez,to make money you have to spend some. The constant ads are getting pretty annoying too. I don't see why this app has good ratings,it's honestly terrible

Dentist game is a very good app. Through this, can learn a lot and keep your teeth clean . Many people like this app and you also solve your own tasks through this app .

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