Demolition Derby 3D is an adrenaline-pumping game that brings the excitement of the demolition derby right to your mobile device. Get behind the wheel of powerful cars and compete in intense battles against other drivers in a variety of immersive arenas. Smash, crash, and wreck your way to victory as you strategically plan your attacks and dodge incoming hits. With stunning 3D graphics and realistic physics, Demolition Derby 3D provides an action-packed experience that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Are you ready to rumble?

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- 10,000 gold, 50 gems, 3 rubies, 2 diamonds, 5 pieces of equipment, 100,000 money, 20 resources, 1 rare item, 7,500 gold, 30 gems.

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- 100 gold, 50 gems, $500, 2 diamonds, 10 resources, epic equipment, and 3 rare items.

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Gift CodesTotalExpiration Date
4SJaxQUn987October 5, 2023
MVqxI8p23t866October 13, 2023
xJwFHkCuB489October 27, 2023
uib4OczxGWo629November 14, 2023
B2xvzqg9uU139October 26, 2023

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Demolition Derby 3D Tier List

What a joke! Pathetic graphics, gameplay is SO basic, zero crash damage, brain numbingly useless "tutorial" (as if you need a tutorial to figure out how to push "start" to ...start) sound is like something from a 1980s Atari. Come to think of it, everything about the game is right about what you'd expect out of the original "nintendo entertainment system" aka "NES" of the 90s ....BUT WITH the annoying ads of the 2020s. The only reason it deserves even 1 star, is it is actually "a game."

Nice game with good graphics and car physics but the car crashes need to be enhanced and made more realistic with more banging and damage and not explode with a single bang. The car sound needs to be made more realistic. Update the game as per my request and i will keep this game on my mobile.

30 seconds in, comprising a quick guide to the controls and a 10 second game where you destroy a stationary car and you are immediately nagged to give a 5 star rating! That's all it takes for me to know exactly what this game is all about.

Exactly what I expected. Drive cars to explode each other. Accelerate, decelerate, and turn right to left for demo fun. Graphics are bad, good enough for each person that is interested or investing.

Nice game but Control of the game is bad. There are only one environment with different game level. The game wants to improvement in car. Add other options to wreck the cars.

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Deliberately destroy other cars in #1 Demolition Derby game (Banger Racing) now! Fixed some crash bugs of the game. Thanks.

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