Days After: Zombie Survival is an intense action-packed game that puts the players in a post-apocalyptic world infested with flesh-eating zombies. The game challenges the players to use their survival skills, strategic thinking, and resource management to stay alive and fend off the relentless hordes of the undead. With a variety of weapons, tools, and allies at their disposal, players must navigate the dangerous landscape, scavenge for supplies, and build fortifications to protect themselves. The game offers a thrilling experience of survival, exploration, and combat as players strive to outlast the zombie menace and rebuild civilization.

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- 1. Ammo pack: 50 rounds 2. Medical kit: 3 bandages 3. Food supply: 5 cans

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- 1. 100 gold coins, 2 medkits, 5 food supplies, 3 ammo

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Days After: Zombie Survival

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CODEExpiration Date
5TXWF3O0March 25, 2024
QXGFA64L8UMarch 19, 2024
YE5H731SWFebruary 3, 2024
8Y5BECDRHZKMarch 3, 2024
XBSLNR142VMarch 11, 2024
9XN76EPWMarch 22, 2024
HD1UGAE7RPFebruary 8, 2024
GJX8Y6O90March 24, 2024

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Days After: Zombie Survival Review

I have been searching for a survival android game after watching game play from other intriguing games such as mist survival that I lack the resources to play. I've tried a few and was not impressed. I chalked it up to being "all you can get from a mobile game". I decided to give this one a try and was pleasantly surprised to finally find something for mobile that wasn't just point and click and full of lag. Only pointer would be to allow you to move floors and walls after building them.

Currently level 25, the learning curve is good, the logbook helps out to break things down. Energy hasn't become an issue, often I might do a few trips per play session. There seems to be many activities, like the supply drop defense. At the moment I'm having a bottleneck of acquiring a certain item to upgrade crafting work areas hopefully joining a clan will help. I do wish when editing the house for more space you could move the walls to edges instead of having to delete and replace them.

So far this game is pretty good. Lots of things to do. Upgrading everything with materials or blue prints. As long as you are careful deaths are rare and so far all I had to do was watch an ad to avoid losing my gear after death. I played this game a long time ago. Seems most of what I didnt like before has been much improved☺️

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