Darkness and Flame 2 is an exciting hidden object quest with interesting adventures and an intriguing plot. The girl Alice once witnessed the horrific events in which her father died, and she received the gift of the magical fire of the Phoenix.

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wA1PJVxxxxx Get

- Gold x5138K, Gems x792, Coins x95316

TG9DKBxxxxx Get

- Diamonds x258, Money x62598, Resources x1857K

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Gift CodesExpiration DateTotal
veJPq6C25BoMay 4, 2023525
x6AsBfpJawXkMarch 11, 2023338
pik4tENqn7April 22, 2023288
kyOz63tjP4ZApril 6, 2023851
4dE2ghapF9TMarch 9, 2023266

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This game is quite amazing. It combines both modern and ancient elements together,which has left me an enjoyable experience through the whole journey. It's not very difficult to pass most of the sections as long as u think about the usage of each tool u have carefully. I would like to recommend this game to anyone who loves ventures!!!

Amazing puzzle game! It has a LOT of mini games within 1 awesome story line. However, some of the mini games do not work properly and it can get pretty infuriating. I'm doing a red crystal mini game from the bonus chapters at the moment, and the crystals will not stay where I put them. It's like they do not lock into place. And there was another mini game that didn't work from the main story chapter in the temple. It's just a bit glitchy & aggravating, kinda ruins the experience unfortunately.

This is one of the weaker games in the series, with the storyline being a bit underwhelming. There were also a few issues with some of the puzzles. The hexagon puzzle was impossible because it was difficult to click the right arrow and so often it would hit the wrong one, resulting in having to start again. The crystal puzzle took ages to actually position the crystals.

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A story of a young girl involved in the battle between Darkness and Flame. Bonus chapter is available without purchase.

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