In Cubic Castles, players can unleash their creativity and build unique worlds using World Building codes. These codes serve as a key to unlock endless possibilities, allowing players to design intricate structures, challenging obstacles, and immersive landscapes. From towering castles to underground mazes, each player can craft their own corner of the virtual universe. With a diverse range of building materials and tools at their disposal, players can truly bring their imagination to life in Cubic Castles. Explore, create, and thrive in this vibrant world of endless creativity.

New valid Cubic Castles: World Building Code

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- 50 gems, 2 builder packs, 1000 blocks: A Builder's Dream Set

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- 1. Gem of 100 Sparkles 2. Crystal Block of 50 Shimmers 3. Gold Key with 20 Glows 4. Rare Diamond Brick worth 30 Twinkles

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Cubic Castles: World Building

List of Cubic Castles: World Building Codes

CODEExpiration Date
K5NEZSJFApril 28, 2024
LYFCOP72KIMay 17, 2024
ZYM1T7S6RJune 17, 2024
ELR90NIDT7QMay 4, 2024
4KA0IQ7MCEApril 21, 2024
SGHP3O51May 5, 2024
2S45RZCOTHMay 7, 2024
OC4EN1XPSMay 30, 2024

How to Redeem Code?

To redeem a code in Cubic Castles, open the game, go to the Store, select the 'Redeem Code' option, enter the code, and claim the rewards for world building.

Cubic Castles: World Building Codes Review

Overall a nice game. Has many flaws that developed throughout the years. As other reviews state, the hierarchy in this game is very clear. It's difficult for new players to gain more of the currency but it is definitely achieveable through time and effort. Worth a try but be prepared to experience some issues. Scams occur often but can usually be handled. I highly recommend not to trust everyone you come across. Until some issues get fixed, 3 stars is my rating.

The login needs some fixes. When I put my password correctly, it kept saying my "password is incorrect". I reseted it, then changed it to a different password: again, same error. What's worse (and idiotic) about this is to WAIT A WHOLE HOUR after many failed attempts. I've seen many mobile games that let you try again after 15 minutes, even some that increases waiting time but limits to 30 minutes. But, an hour long? I don't think anyone can play their account at this rate.

It was hard to make an account but game's pretty good. Textures sometimes bug out but it's only a visual glitch. If you change your name as a guest there is no way to get your progress back.

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