Crimson Crime: City Conqueror is an action-packed game that lets players step into the shoes of a criminal mastermind looking to take over the city. To enhance your gameplay experience, you can use cheat codes to unlock special features, weapons, and abilities. These codes can help you defeat rival gangs, evade the police, and rise to the top of the criminal underworld. By entering the right codes, you can gain an edge over your opponents and dominate the city with ease. Stay ahead of the competition and conquer Crimson Crime with the help of these powerful cheat codes.

New valid Crimson Crime: City Conqueror Code

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- 1. Gold coins (50) 2. Rare weapon (1) 3. Health potions (5)

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- 1. Ten gold bars, five battle axes, a dozen gems, shield. 2. Three scrolls, seven potions, helmet, enchanted bow and arrows. 3. Platinum coin, ancient artifact, magical ring, map to treasure. 4. Five potions, royal sword, emerald, mysterious cloak of stealth.

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Crimson Crime: City Conqueror

List of Crimson Crime: City Conqueror Codes

XN2YLT7D9U Diamond x256, Wood x32148 (Expires on June 14, 2024)
T3KOIUALP Speed Up x4896, Ore x61, Coins x3871 (Expires on June 30, 2024)
XERLST8ZDJW Energy x28976, Timber x19, Speed Up x4316 (Expires on June 16, 2024)
EUF1TR2QA Wood x478, Money x56812 (Expires on June 19, 2024)
ROTBUW07NEPD Ore x5369, Cash x95, Speed Up x43 (Expires on July 8, 2024)
Q38GMV07BTP Wood x17268, Rubies x216, Stone x7592 (Expires on July 2, 2024)
K9SRXOBIZ1DE Hero EXP x4638, EXP x81, Gold x238 (Expires on July 8, 2024)
XBUMPZ4YGTQ Money x68, Summon Scrolls x847, Energy x81 (Expires on July 14, 2024)
QPKZS8UIB Cash x215, EXP x72, Diamonds x1647 (Expires on June 22, 2024)
EJPXO2V4K0 Summon Scrolls x2415, Gold x56, Diamond x154 (Expires on July 12, 2024)
AMQG9F1S Energy x298, Gold x4735, Free Boosts x92, Chest x41 (Expires on June 9, 2024)

How to redeem Crimson Crime: City Conqueror codes?

To redeem code for Crimson Crime: City Conqueror, open game, go to settings, tap on 'redeem code', enter code, and claim rewards for in-game benefits.

Crimson Crime: City Conqueror Codes review

I was having a lot of fun with this game but that is rapidly changing. The constant crashing and freezing is just mind blowing. And you may want to hire more staff for issues involving purchases made. If I spend money on something it's because I want it. Had an issues on Tuesday figured it was a glitch and waited until the next day. Still didn't get what I purchased. Reached out to support through chat and still haven't gotten back to me. Just sitting there unread

After many years and many games. Must say I have never played a game that is so slow and lags for literally minutes at a time.

I don't play this game. But someone has stolen my bank information to play this game and has charged my account a huge amount. Do not play give out information, you'll be scammed!!!!!!!!

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