Craft Shooter FPS Battles is an action-packed first-person shooter game that takes players into the heart of intense battles. With its unique crafting system, players can build and customize their weapons to gain an advantage on the battlefield. Engage in thrilling multiplayer battles or take on challenging missions solo, as you rise through the ranks and unlock new weapons and abilities. With stunning graphics and smooth gameplay, Craft Shooter FPS Battles guarantees an immersive and adrenaline-pumping gaming experience. Get ready to dominate the battlefield and become the ultimate warrior!

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ODHIUrmX859December 28, 2023
V2ojNh6IUs379December 14, 2023
W1n6RhEwd180January 13, 2024
7IZy4ueV1MU539January 2, 2024
p9baNrTOqz997December 20, 2023

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Craft Shooter FPS Battles Tier List

Amazing shooting game! But i always die and getting angry. And i still rate it 5 because it's so realistic (just a little bit) and a cool guns and amazing monsters and by the way fix the bug of going to the roof because when I'm a monster and when im jumping and i always get to the roof and also when you spawn you just go to the roof. So fix this

This game is amazing 😍🤩, I rate it 5 ⭐. Bro the graphics are incredible👍 and map is also a type of kinda good. Btw you can enter the house and a medium size of map also. I hope there will be more monsters and a customize shop where we can select our own gun and customise ourselves. Thank you ❤ very much Devs for making the game 🎮.

Very good quality not much ads great experience not played a game like this before alot of carecters from other games 5/5

I found this game from an ad and i know they took the video from a YouTuber but overall the game is nice sure they put the Picture and use the video from the YouTuber but overall the game is fun if you a kid or if you want a little challenge but the reason im giving a 4 star is because of the ads. But the game has potential to be very good

Too many advertisements and too little play. About 30 seconds of play for 20 seconds of adds. Makes it frustrating.

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Pick your guns, shoot down monster enemies and escape from horror survival arena +game optimization

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