Counter Terrorist Strike: CS is an action-packed first-person shooter game that puts players in the shoes of elite counter-terrorist operatives. With realistic graphics, intense gameplay, and a wide range of weapons to choose from, players must strategically navigate through various missions to neutralize terrorist threats. Whether it’s rescuing hostages, defusing bombs, or engaging in intense firefights, Counter Terrorist Strike: CS provides an immersive experience that will keep players on the edge of their seats. Are you ready to join the fight against terrorism and prove your skills as a counter-terrorist operator?

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- 1000 gold, 50 gems, 5 diamonds, 10 rubies, 2 powerful weapons, 2000 money, 3 sets of armor, 5000 resources.

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- 20000 gold, 500 gems, $1000, 10 diamonds, 1000 resources, legendary equipment, 5 powerful items.

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Gift CodesTotalExpiration Date
vB8bcExz514November 5, 2023
BQNrwfPDbR405October 20, 2023
Oj7xf8pik159October 31, 2023
k6eoM2BdtqQ896October 11, 2023
DgMb4AVNfq491September 24, 2023

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This game is FANTASTIC !! It's quick and EASY to get the hang of . Not too many things going on to where you lose track of and evidently lose interest in like many other games . Advancement is quick and it has very interesting upgrades and options .The ads are necessary but they are short and VERY tolerable . My hats off to the creators !! Very well made and one of the best shooting games I've played . I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT !! Thank You ...

Love your game oh my God this is great but I have a few suggestions . 1 improve the graphics, Add team mode instead of naming it multiplayer that's just wrong and, add local multiplayer after that this game will be third best shooter offline I've ever played. Also add TPS and FPS settings then it will be my 1st best offline shooter . THANKS FOR READING

Basic beginner appreciation starts here. I like trying to defeat at all modes and all levels. May be the first trainer game to make me proud. Keep rewarding like you are rewarding!!! Good gameplay. Needs better mods for the full Counter Terrorist Strike experience. Needs lean, quick draw for pistols, and respawn.

Quite a massive overhaul from the last time I had it installed. More modes and more guns, gear is easy to get--a tremendous improvement, really. But there could be more: like while the soldier bots are considerably smart (like they don't always walk to you THEN shoot), the zombie bots are...dumber. Also please add more skins (not just all lady dkins🤣), and maybe ironsights?

I thought that I was playing with real people online in multiplayer mode. Then I figured that I can play offline in multiplayer mode. Mulitplayer has no point then. That game is good but you should add online mode or local wifi playing mode.

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Cross fire at the battlefield of Counter Strike! fix bug

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