Counter Combat Online is an intense first-person shooter (FPS) game that will keep you on the edge of your seat. With stunning graphics and realistic gameplay, it offers an immersive experience for players. Choose your team, equip yourself with a vast arsenal of weapons, and dive into action-packed online battles. Show off your skills as you strategize with teammates and battle against opponents in various game modes. With frequent updates and a passionate community, Counter Combat Online will keep you coming back for more adrenaline-pumping FPS action.

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the Bad about this game is Ads but and this game has like alot of bad stuff in it like no recoil you can just run and shoot and spawn kill tham and just kill and add more stuff like smoke grenades moletov which this game would be the best out of the best if this has smoke grenades and a moletov and we need Ranking cuz i am just playing with people who dosent even know what counter strike is and yea thats my Feedback i like the game very much pls add this if you can and keep the good work up(:

I hope u read my comment, this game is perfect if some improvements take in action, first thing i hope you can make a changable fire button and other buttons also, so we can change the place of button on screen and can duplicate same buttons, second thing i hope you add old inferno map, its more fun than this inferno, and if you can remove the skin over the weapons it would be better, also character movement sound should fix, and bombs issue, thank you for this game

there is bug where if i move shoot button to upper left corner the other moves with

This is the best game ever its hard and cool I think it will be famous and alot of people who want to play this game its cooler than any other game I've been played wow I'm from Korea but I know English I loved that there is a lot of languages in this game but there is a lot of adds in it actually when I want to save my name I press the word "save" but I see ad and I can not put it save it's so hard but I got the hac mode so it becomes so easy I loved this game very very much and it is very cool

I like the game but there is some thing missing Which is bot mode please add not mode then we can play with bot offline and yeah also add difficulty to bots like easy normal hard and expert overall I like the game:)

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Its action multiplayer fps game play with your friends Season 2
Select Server Option on Profile Panel
Map bugs fixed
Grenade bug fixed
Fixed bug on Assault line cs
Counter online mode ready
battle royale map updated

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