Welcome to the Costa Coffee Club Ireland, where every sip earns you rewards! As a member, you’ll enjoy exclusive benefits and delicious perks, making every visit extra special. Whether it’s your favorite handcrafted coffee, tempting treats, or a quick bite to eat, every purchase brings you closer to free drinks and exciting surprises. And with the convenient Costa Coffee app, managing your points and redeeming rewards is just a tap away. Join the club today and savor the taste of rewards with every sip at Costa Coffee in Ireland!

Latest of Costa Coffee Club Ireland Code

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- 1. Free coffee for a month, 2. Buy one get one free, 3. 50% off any pastry, 4. Complimentary upgrade to a large size.

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- 1. Free coffee of your choice 2. 50% off on any food item 3. Buy one get one free pastry

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Costa Coffee Club Ireland

List of Costa Coffee Club Ireland Codes

CODEExpiration Date
2HZX9FVMMarch 5, 2024
6K84QPIVGHMarch 16, 2024
EM5KYZ3LGMarch 15, 2024
N160FR543ATMarch 3, 2024
X0L9RMTJEZMarch 17, 2024
DNUV1SQIMarch 18, 2024
5LXKM34BI1April 15, 2024
VU5HNIKEZMarch 30, 2024

How to Redeem Code?

  • Step 1: Click on 'Avatar' => 'Settings' => 'Promo Code'.
  • Step 2: Enter the code in the gift code box and press 'Confirm' to receive the reward.

Costa Coffee Club Ireland Reviews

App won't open. Total waste of time. Tried to use app today after purchases. Didn't recognise my password. So got new points. At home I changed my password. But now app is closed and won't let me in. So can't access my account number and unable to use points I have gathered over months. What is wrong with this system? Treating Irish customers disgracefully.

While the app does work, it does need a good look at. It's ok visually, but some text can be improved for readability. You also cannot refresh your points without force close the app and re-open. Some elements are blank and not being used to potential. It would also be great to add an option to add to your Google Pay wallet.

Tried to create an account, but after filling up the whole (annoying) form, the "Next" button never activated. Even though all nonsense fields (like my full address) were correctly informed. So, uninstalling as it does not work! Why do you need so much demographic information?!?! And if so, at least make it work!

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