Conquerors 2: The Majesty of the Sultans is a beautiful tactical strategy with RPG elements, which takes place in the Middle Ages in the Middle East. You have to act as the ruler of a small state and it depends on you whether you become a great sultan. Develop the capital, build barracks and workshops, get the necessary resources and do scientific research. Take care of the city’s defense – there are too many enemies around who want to profit from prey. Establish friendly ties with other kingdoms and unite in alliances against a common enemy. Build a powerful invincible empire and go down in history as the greatest sultan.

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ocF2xbrkXyS January 7, 2023 612
TC45BhS9pVia December 21, 2022 989
dVv3WN2SYE December 28, 2022 975
r3bW842Zv0o January 11, 2023 576
fRqPOB92d7J December 23, 2022 760

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Good game and easy to manage. A lot of reward

Love this game. It's very fun, rewarding, and has a lot of items to collect. stats are balanced, well rounded and there are few to no items that you can't use competitively. Wish the trading system was a bit easier, I have so many items I don't use that I would love to trade but I need to play more. Past that, it's fun and engaging for pay to play players and the common player.

This game is insanely good. I learned about it from my friends and it's amazing. You might end up rage quiting sometimes but it eventually will pop up on your screen like 5 minutes later. My friends and I love playing it and I would really like more updates in the future. The only thing that could improve right now, are the servers. I have trouble connecting sometimes. But other then that, this app is amazing!

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v3.5.2 Update Notes:
1. Bug fixes

Name Conquerors 2: Glory of Sultans
Version 3.5.2
Price FREE
Rating 2.9 (24284 ratings)
Category Codes
Update December 13, 2022
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