In the world of combat magic spells and swords, warriors harness the power of both elements to become unstoppable forces on the battlefield. Mastering spells that can freeze enemies in their tracks or conjure flames, they combine these mystical powers with deadly swordplay. As they swing their swords with precision, the spells enhance their attacks, giving them an advantage in combat. With each strike and incantation, they forge a path of destruction, leaving their enemies in awe of their unparalleled skill in combat magic and swordsmanship.

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- 10 gold, 5 gems, 2 rubies, 3 health potions, 1 enchanted staff, 50 silver, 4 mana crystals, 1 potion of rejuvenation, 1 fiery sword, 20 emeralds.

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- 1000 gold, 200 gems, $50, 10 diamonds, 50 resources, enchanted staff, health potion, legendary sword, magic robe.

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ZrgRkCUa873November 2, 2023
Ua4mDFGyHq299October 13, 2023
KyvsQ4w5d537November 5, 2023
7F5SzbpdKYW198October 1, 2023
srReZhkSF8110October 13, 2023

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This game is alright, it can be fun for some time, but it's flaws can really be annoying. Auto aiming needs to be better, my character will focus on one dude at the very back while others will attack me and it's so hard to not lock on to the wrong person. Even when I turn off auto aiming, the game is basically unplayable. 90 percent of your attacks just miss even though it looks like it hits the enemy. It's also strange how there is no hitstun in this game besides the stun ability. Mid game.

Someone mentioned that people just pay to win but the only thing that you can pay to win are levels and maybe coins. The game has lobbies with level restrictions and so does the gear so that's not really an issue. Love the fact that there's a chance enemies can drop items that you can use (even items not meant for your class) but it's a disappointment getting a piece of equipment you can't even use but oh well, it adds to the enjoyment when you do get something better. Definitely try.

Devs. Listen to me now, please. You have an excellent FRAME WORK for a game. Everything is there, only thing that needs to be worked on is hit boxes and animations. Especially with 1hander maces and shields. Targeting is alright, but I think its the servers that give off some odd interactions. You guys are heading in the right direction! Your game is fun, requires some learning and practice. Thank you for NOT adding tutorial! I'm sick of those. Keep up the good work and balancing for future!!!

It is amazing. There's control, outfit, and fighting customizability available for anyone who plays this game. You can make your own custom control set (there's even a version for left-handed individuals), you can choose the color and style of your outfit since there are multiple parts of an outfit unlocked every level with equal stats, and there are at least 15 classes that all have unique abilities, and most of them also come with unique weapons. Plus, there isn't any class gender locking. :)

It's a very good game though it could be better, I love the style of the game and how the mechanics work. Though I think that healing should also be passive along with mana and stamina, though obviously slower, it just seems like it's unfair that you finally loose your enemy and then figure out that you don't have any potions. Also, melee classes do not need mana potions, it just takes up the chances of getting other potions. At least make them spawn less often for melee classes

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Fun souls-like action-RPG game with lots of fantasy weapons and magic skills - Fixed bugs

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