Color Fill 3D is an addictive mobile game that will test your precision and patience. The objective is simple: fill the entire 3D shape with vibrant colors. Swiping your finger, you can paint the shape with different hues, but be careful not to overlap or leave any white spaces. The game features a variety of challenging levels with unique shapes that will keep you entertained for hours. Unlock new shapes and show off your skills by completing each level with maximum color coverage. Download Color Fill 3D now and let the colorful fun begin!

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- 10,000 gold, 5 diamonds, 3 rubies, 2 pieces of equipment, 50 gems, 20,000 money, 7 resources, 1 item.

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- 100 gold, 50 gems, $500, 10 diamonds, 20 resources, 5 equipment, 30 items.

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NTEKa2qy498October 31, 2023
mAEXxepas8842October 30, 2023
jgZp6lnSe149October 10, 2023
OIqrt96mV3J251October 28, 2023
axQC5yF3Yw494October 8, 2023

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Color Fill 3D Tier List

This was one of the games I would use to mindlessly pass some time. I paid to remove ads because I enjoyed it. The recent update no longer allows you to restart a level using gems, forcing ads on you if you click the continue button. This is idiotic and I am uninstalling a game I paid for as a result. Otherwise, I enjoyed it. There are bugs - the worst of which is that the collision detection will sometimes think you hit something if you turn many times without completing a section.

The ads are really oppressive, which is why it loses a star. I get one between levels and even between sublevels. Other than that, it's fun! The ads make it seem harder than it is because the person doing it for the ad was being stupid, but it shows what we get. I got through level 200 on my first day, but the difficulty does increase. Side note: each level is 2 parts and after 100 or so levels the second starts repeating.

If you lose you have to wait a full 10 seconds to try again. It doesn't matter if it was a 1 second game. 10 seconds on the clock. After which there is always an ad. Always, also if you win. Ad. Every time.. Also sometimes between stages of the same level. Ad. In addition to the ads the game sometimes glitches and your block hits nothing and you fail. Theres also differing levels on delay on your swipe. It could go immediately or wait. Making it extremely annoying to play.

As others have described, the frequency of ads make it hard to recommend this game. Additionally, however, I found the controls to be fairly imprecise. Simple flick gestures didn't respond half the time, and in a game based on speed and quick reactions, that problem proves frustrating. I felt like I was trying to beat the controls more than the levels.

I dont mind ads, but the ad content is so heavy and lengthy it's not worth the game. I have had the game downloaded for less than 10 mins trying to see if its something I'd like, but I cant play it long enough to find out. The ads are between each level and after everytime you fail. The ads last longer than the levels do. So for that it's a big no.

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Fill each cell with a burst of vivid colors in a color block game! Fixed glitches to enhance your gaming experience.

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