CodyCross is the ultimate crossword puzzle game that will challenge and entertain you for hours. With a wide range of topics and difficulty levels, there’s something for everyone. Whether you’re a crossword beginner or a seasoned pro, CodyCross offers a refreshing twist on the classic game. With beautiful visuals and intuitive gameplay, it’s easy to get lost in the world of CodyCross. So get your thinking caps on and get ready to solve puzzles in this addictive and fun game.

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YAT2UoE4837January 20, 2024
To3FgL5Vfi109December 22, 2023
VSWHlQrhg619December 13, 2023
ucTCMpf2aNF191January 4, 2024
jPWS7rvtUd619December 30, 2023

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This is mt favorite word game, but during some of the periodic ads (there aren't too many ads imo) on my Pixel 7, it won't let me click on the X to get out. So instead of clicking out, I have to close and re-open the app. I like just about everything besides that. I should also note that this doesn't happen on amy other apps with these same types of ads.

Disappointing. I played this game faithfully every day and had a long consecutive streak going, but a few days ago it would get to 73% when opening and just sit there. Tried everything including uninstalling, reinstalling, clearing play store cache & data, nothing worked. Developers said they would fix problem with next update. That doesn't help my consecutive streak that I just lost because they can't get their game to work right. Guess I'll have to find another daily game to play that works!

I've been playing darn near a decade, and I'm still going, it's that good. Easy to pick up, never gets frustratingly difficult like a lot of these games, ads are infrequent and mostly unobtrusive, and while you will see some question repeats, overall it never gets too repetitive. Only complaint is that some of the paid elements have pretty high prices, but you can play without them. If you're gonna play daily for a few minutes before bed to wind down, this is an excellent choice. Overall, 9.5/10

A good, solid and entertaining educational game. Yes there are plenty of annoying ads but the game can be played without spending a penny. That feels fair given the quality and the core game isn't behind a paywall. The issue i have is the developer has removed the Head-to-Head player feature. This was a lot of fun with friends and family but now it's gone. It's odd because the app gives you tokens for inviting friends but it all seems pointless now. 2 1/2* as it is, 4 1/2* previously :(

Uninstalled. It was fine at first, and could be a great way to pass the time... but do you really have to have an ad after every single board? I understand after a few boards... three or four. However, after every single board is ridiculous, unbearable, and unplayable. Might try it again if this changes. Edit: I already said I understand ads after a few boards. But it's constant. After EVERY board. Seems like a cash grab to push your subscription, not improving the game for people.

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Train your brain while solving crosswords and word puzzles! Hi, friend!

Come join CodyCross in an adventure full of whimsy and fantasy as he explores the world of Odd and Imaginary Creatures! 100 fun, new puzzles are ready to be solved!

See you there!

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