Clean Road Codes [2024 June]

Last update May 6, 2024

Clean Road is a revolutionary mobile game that challenges players to keep roads clean by sweeping up trash. To progress, players must swipe their finger across the screen to collect litter and avoid obstacles. The game features stunning graphics and catchy sound effects, making it a truly immersive experience. With over 100 levels to conquer, players must strategize and plan their moves to achieve the highest scores. Clean Road is not only entertaining but also educates players about the importance of keeping our environment clean. Download it today and start sweeping!

New valid Clean Road Code

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- Win 50 coins, a new car, and a speed boost!

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- Win 100 points, 50 coins, 2 boosts, and 10 gems!

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Clean Road

List of Clean Road Codes

CODEExpiration Date
OLSHZQB2May 11, 2024
D37JFQZAGTMay 8, 2024
JTQ72H5SDMay 15, 2024
SG65LD839QEMay 31, 2024
CLJS437ZMYMay 26, 2024
F39JSXY5May 28, 2024
GRMJ0Y8XKHMay 19, 2024
HN8GSQCX7June 22, 2024

How to redeem Clean Road codes?

To redeem a code in Clean Road, tap on the gear icon, select "Enter Code," input the code, and hit confirm to unlock rewards or bonuses.

Clean Road Codes Review

STOP WITH THE FAKE REVIEWS. I paid for adfree, yet there is a 5 second delay after each level trying to push you to watch an ad for a free "upgrade" car. we shouldnt be getting these prompts and delays if we paid for ad free. secondly, the "upgrades" are not upgrades. they are just different colored cars. this is what we call fraud. lastly, each level does not change difficulty. it is completely randomized levels. example- level 45, all snowed in cars were in a single straight row. wow.

Interesting game and easy to play but the way they have the ads setup is a joke. most of the time you have to wait for it to finish 'loading' in order to play the next level or you can click the ad and it brings you to a separate page for that ad. I finished level one and it immediately wanted me to review the game without letting me cancel the ad without waiting ages.

After 1 run which lasted about 10 seconds you are trapped in a screen that forces you to rate the game. Well, I haven't experienced enough of it to give an honest rating so I'll give it 1 star for that bully move. Also after evey run, it would appear you have the option to watch an add for extra rewards. Its been done by many apps and thats fine. However, the only tab to click on takes you to the ad. Click anyplace else...The ad. This means you will literally see an ad EVERY 10 SECONDS. No thanks

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