Clash of Kings is a popular strategy game that takes players on an exciting journey in a medieval fantasy world. The game allows you to build and customize your kingdom, train a powerful army, and wage epic battles against other players. With millions of players from around the globe, the game offers a vibrant and dynamic community. You can form alliances, trade resources, and engage in intense PvP combat. With stunning graphics and immersive gameplay, Clash of Kings promises endless hours of entertainment for strategy enthusiasts.

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5W61drRC234November 20, 2023
XxPNOpvYQz811December 3, 2023
aRSbGZd9e825January 3, 2024
7q9Z1C53zof771January 2, 2024
ApYwaZxJtU516January 10, 2024

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Miss the old set up way too easy seems like just a bunch of button pushing and commercials sad to say because it looks better but the game as a whole has lost something.....was my initial feelings. But got to admit I was wrong. I really enjoy the new mechanics and heightened challenge.its just loads of fun. Thanks for all the hard work devs.

I've been playing this game for 9 years and I love it. My current problem is the fact that there's a share media permission issue between CoK and Android because I no longer can share screenshots to Help and Support. The share media permission isn't even an option in the app settings. This is the only app I have this issue with. Other than that, if you could slow down the game updates/additions, I would appreciate it!

I love the game but it isn't fun that it takes so long and so much to makes it hard to play. I also think it's wrong that people can attack the caravan. People should have safe passes so they can enjoy the full benefits of the prizes. It has glitches with the dragon gem fusion. Otherwise, it's a great strategy game even if you don't buy anything 🫠

I like the pace in which the avatar can grow and the graphics used in the game. Although, I rate it a three star due to some disfunctional parts of the game(though it may be due to my phone's limitations, I wouldn't be surprised), there'd be tasks that I've already completed, but the system would deny my accomplishment(this is a general statement that covers the multiple problems that I've experienced).

I have been playing since December 2016. The game design is great. The developers are evolving the game to make it easier to grow, but something new comes out every 3-4 weeks. The game can be very expensive and seems to be less expensive for certain countries to purchase items. I recommend watching what you are doing when making a purchase real $ or game. Spend wrong, and you lost whatever you spent. I have lost a few $100 over the years. Support2☆Design4☆ Fairness 2☆Fun3.5☆.

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Establish the strongest kingdom & Conquer the World
1. Added Wizard Stone exchange to Battle of Shadow Island store.
2. Lowered the difficulty of Ada World Final Boss.
Event Preview:
1. Thanksgiving Day Check-in Gift
Event time: November 19 - December 25
Event Description: During the event period, log in daily to claim a generous gift.
2. Thanksgiving Day themed event - Turkey Chef
Event time: November 16 - November 26

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