Circuroid Codes (2023 September) 2.4.3

Last update September 23, 2023

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- 100 gold, 3 gems, 2 diamonds, 5 rubies, +10% resource boost, 1 epic equipment, 5000 money, 2 rare items, and 1 legendary item.

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- 10 gold, 5 gems, $20, 2 diamonds, 100 resources, epic equipment, 3 rare items.

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Gift CodesTotalExpiration Date
SG9ER6Kk301September 23, 2023
F9Iol5wtNZ226October 21, 2023
fqzTokyeh517November 6, 2023
hq7N3I6Xt5B508October 23, 2023
RSFH7U81mj801November 5, 2023

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  • Step 2: Enter the code in the gift code box and press 'Confirm' to receive the reward.

Circuroid Tier List

Terrific. Wonderful aesthetic from top to bottom. Non-intrusive ad experience. It's basically a beautiful rendering of a very old video game, which was called Tempest, and the creators did a great job. Only, why I don't rate 5 stars is because, like how the original was meant to devour the player's quarters in the arcade, the rounds are very short, and then you have to watch an ad or start over. But that's fair. So the flaw is not this app, but really just the principal of the game.

Just started playing. Was looking for the original Tempest game from the 80s. This is pretty close. Its fast paced and keeps you moving. Would love a remake of the original with the shapes and colors. The music us upbeat and the graphics are good. Just miss my games from the 80s. Lol Anyhoo, if you like to challenge yourself and like a fast pace this game is for you. Can't wait to challenge my grandson.

This is a pretty nice game. In the beginning I had to figure out a strategy for how to play it, but the visuals pretty descent and the difficulty is well-balanced progressive. I also like how you get more powerups the more you play. One minor negative point though; I would like to see the shooting line better, since I rely on that to shoot the targets. Otherwise, great game! I love it!

Most satisfying app I ever played, playing it to the bit! Please add an option to ( when i use my index finger to spin around a most of the time cant see my obsticsls I need to hit to keep going and that is what makes me fail 24.7... =/ its very disappointing that my hand is always in the way of my view point, sight, ect. Please do something for the app won't be affected by sight/ point/aim of view. I understand that this request will take some time to figure out thanks 4 updates. Make yes optio

Just started,so this is a beginners review But the animation is snoot and consistent,and the difficulty is satisfyingly hard,a challenge for beginners. The only thing that mildly inconveniences me is the movement,because the circle. movement kinda makes my finger go weird,which I do not like. Pretty cool game tho.

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Only the extraordinary people can beat this game! - Bug fixes
- Performance improvement

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