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Choosy: Essensplaner & Rezepte Coupon reviews

Great app! Just some missing features. I.e. It tells you the ingredients are out of season, but not which. Also I'd like to change some recipies, but without making a total new one. Great would be an 'add own flavour' or 'create own variation' (edit) button. (would be especially useful for changing noodles to whole grain ones) Together with some basic recipies this would make a great extension (just make sure to deduplicate recepies).

The recipes are great. But the weekly plans don't make any sense at all. Because the app tells you to buy tons of stuff on a daily basis and then never uses any of the ingredients you have bought ever again.

I get it, trying to acquire users but it's not fun to fill a 12 steps form and then in order to see something account creation is required. Just be transparent instead, but nowadays that's too much to ask.

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