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Chatime Societea

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How to redeem Chatime Societea codes?

To redeem a Chatime Societea coupon, present it at checkout to receive discount or deal on your order. Valid at participating locations only. Enjoy savings on delicious beverages!

Chatime Societea Coupon reviews

Overcharged in app, then double charged. Make sure to check receipts against your credit card transactions. Opened a dispute with the bank, the bank also questioned the security of the app. Do not enter your credit card info on your account as a form of payment.

Yay for a chatime app. Neh for friendly usage. As it's new, there are still bugs and issues with the app. 1. Some of the drinks appear on the main menu page but don't appear when on the ordering page. 2. Some required options (LVL of sweetness) is required before being able to purchase and does not appear when initially ordering. 3. The layout could be improved. Recommend to have the same manu layout on both the main page and ordering menu.

The app sucks. The UI looks ok but that's it. I was thinking of ordering ahead for pickup but despite already being logged in, I had to log in again for the points at checkout. The ordering screen seems to be in its own i-frame 🤷‍♀️. So I ordered in store the old fashioned way since I didn't want to trust the app. The app doesn't remember your previous order selections such as store. You can add an order to the cart but don't expect it to still be in the app when you relaunch it.

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