In CatnRobot Idle TD: Battle Cat, get ready to join forces with a fearless feline and defend your base against endless waves of enemies. Take control of a powerful battle cat and strategize your defenses strategically to defeat the evil forces. Upgrade your cat’s abilities, unlock unique skills, and unleash devastating attacks to decimate your foes. With stunning graphics and addictive gameplay, CatnRobot Idle TD: Battle Cat offers hours of tower defense fun. Can you guide your battle cat to victory and save the kingdom from destruction?

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- 10,000 gold, 500 gems, 5 diamonds, 3 rubies, 20 pieces of equipment, 1,000,000 money, and 50 resources.

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- 1000 gold, 50 gems, $500, 10 diamonds, 2000 resources, epic equipment, rare items, 5 potions.

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82bKTHW7651October 6, 2023
VHdZNqrof7940November 1, 2023
lIQohkT07273September 22, 2023
uX5mzhaToKL123November 12, 2023
IzVDLQyjJA630November 14, 2023

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So far, it is really cute and enjoyable. I have not encountered any issues so far except for a slight lag here and there when too many bad guys come all at once quickly. It will do a little glitch lag but no big deal. I highly recomend giving this game a go if your looking for a good tower ddefense game. Also, ads are not forced on you, if you want to watch for extra coin, it is your choice. I opt to watch them most of the time for the bonus coin because they are only 30 sec. ads.

It could be better. I have found that two of the quests you can get are kinda just gem drainers, unless you can sit there and build up enough gold from the world map to level up enough stuff to make your gadgets strong enough to keep your robot from taking too much damage to heal from, and to clear a wave without using any active skills. I personally hate these two quests because I can't complete them no matter how much I try. If you can remove or change these, then I will be happy playing, but if not, then I'll just have to quit dealing with skipping quests and just go forward until I upgrade, and craft every gadget that I find.

I'm really glad that the game is so generous with the lucky spin. The graphics are cute and the game is addicting. However, the player has no goal, and the enemies are redundant. (I'm on wave 200 yet I still see the spider boss that I've defeated repeatedly since wave 5) This is just a request, but please design more enemies, and make more 'worlds'.

Wish you could get something out of the pop up ad you can't even turn it off if I fail on the same wave it's cuz I want in game money to upgrade not because I can't beat that wave. 😑 it's not rocket science

The quest system is intentionally designed to force you to use your precious few gems to skip quests so you will be forced to buy gems. The quest to finish waves with full health is almost impossible. The need to micromanage skills is tedious and boring beyond belief.

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Battle of cats. Grow your cat army, build a robot to defend your kingdom and pvp New server S1 launched.

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