Carpcraft: Carp Fishing is a fairly realistic game in which you will go fishing. Despite the fact that the authors gave the gameplay the characteristics of an arcade, in particular, this applies to fishing, but there is also a wide selection of inventory, places to demonstrate their talents.

Moreover, the variety of fish captivates, about 14 species, including bream, catfish, tench, and others. As soon as you are in place, you should cast 4 rods at once, combining baits and top dressing along the way, thus increasing the chances of a successful fishing outcome. Separately, it is worth emphasizing the presence of a realistic model, thanks to which day and night change, moreover, with a daily cycle.

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06dn1zxxxxx Get

- Gold x5963K, Gems x432, Coins x47251

iapMoYxxxxx Get

- Diamonds x726, Money x38467, Resources x5273K

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Gift CodesExpiration DateTotal
OaGxqMUCZX8June 19, 2023945
tyUxLzZdHQmsJuly 18, 2023921
aZVBpoWuDLJune 11, 2023619
EFaQJ0kgtZvJuly 8, 2023144
3SA0ga1fCZPJune 20, 2023594

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This game is the best carp fishing sim for mobile phones,it offers a wide choice of rigs ,baits and realistic conditions , tiny bit buggy ,i am looking forward to any updates that are hopfully coming in for this game.

Really like the game, only issues are that it's VERY difficult to build up enough coins to afford a new set up (without spending money). I also find that I don't always receive notifications for bites and I'll go back into the game greeted by a "you missed it!", which in turn means I have to spend more coins to get the rods back in the water. 3 stars for now but with slight improvements would be 5!

I rate it 5 โญ as it's the most completed carp fishing game I have played. It has all the aspects of real time fishing with the anticipation and the pursuit of catching the biggest fish. Although, I want to point out two drawbacks that I have noticed, which indeed are frustrating. First, sometimes when you reeling in a fish the reel freezes up and won't turn so you end up losing the fish and second push notifications from time to time just don't appear. Please fix them in your next update! ๐Ÿ‘

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Experience the thrill of carp fishing using your skill to catch beautiful carp. Over 50 new fish added to the stock.
5 new target fish.
Added 5 new achievements.
Added 4 new dream lake challenges.
Added 3 new Canal Wharf challenges.
Added 5 new Noobie Lake challenges.
Added 16 new standard challenges.
Various design improvements.
New sound effects.
Bug fixes.

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