Card Heroes: TCG/CCG Deck Wars is an exciting game that combines strategic card battles with thrilling deck-building mechanics. Collect powerful cards, create your deck, and embark on epic battles against other players in this addictive online multiplayer game. Defeat opponents, earn rewards, and climb the ranks to become the ultimate Card Hero! With its beautiful artwork, unique cards, and constantly evolving gameplay, Card Heroes: TCG/CCG Deck Wars offers a fun and challenging experience for trading card game enthusiasts. Download the game now and unleash your inner Card Hero!

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- 10 gold, 5 gems, 2 diamonds, wooden staff, 1000 money, 3 rubies, Scepter of Power, 5000 gold, 1 equipment, 200 gems.

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- 1000 gold, 50 gems, $20, 10 diamonds, 200 resources, powerful sword, rare potion, legendary shield, magic amulet, epic spell

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WL9ZKSfi331October 19, 2023
HTrKXQqI6m120October 8, 2023
TPEDMjyQX249November 17, 2023
kLO2HCzM1vX873November 7, 2023
nNVw4Ido9g171November 5, 2023

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This game could be one of the best of it's playstyle. Animations are great, it's easy to understand, it's easy to get excited about. Unfortunately then you hit the pay wall very quickly. There's no way to grind materials, and trust me, after a week or two you'll have plenty of experience so that's not the issue. Every card after a certain low level requires a ridiculous amount of materials to level up, and you'll be very lucky to get them without spending money, a lot.

It started out really good but with all the recent changes, I'm at a point where I literally cannot advance anymore in the game without spending hella money. Most of my units have the required experience but it's way too difficult to obtain the required upgrade items and seems like they all need the same ones. Allow items to be one by manually playing levels too.

Shop prices are cheap, way cheaper than 95% of digital card games. The generosity starting out is tremendous. The timers are much shorter than it's counterparts in the genre. Some stuff is locked behind hero levels and so on. Stuff I disliked: only being able to attack cards in the same column, the tutorial is kind of long and boring, and there's too much complexity in upgrading cards, 3 different areas when one can suffice with a higher cost upgrading all 3 at once. Good time so far.

So far so good. Interesting mechanics, fun and challenging so far. Only comments are it is a little too complicated to raise card levels...need multiple things to increase levels:specific items, silver, experience all combined in certain ways...probably two of the tree would be sufficient. Also battling itself takes a minute to get used to because you need to think in two columns for attacking and not rows.

The game is fun at first but it is extremely difficult to upgrade your deck. You are required to upgrade before challenging more difficult opponents in the "adventures" section and you must win these challenges in order to gain the equipment for an upgrade. There is ostensibly no other way to get the equipment, so the game presents a catch-22. *If you accidentally sell your equipment* delete the game. I intend to delete my game since there is no way to progress after a couple days of play.

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Collectible card game: RPG clan battles, PvP duel, magic arena, CCG deck battle - Minor improvements and fixes overall the game

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