Car Simulator: Off Road Games take the excitement of off-roading to a whole new level. Get behind the wheel of powerful off-road vehicles and conquer challenging terrains. With stunning graphics and realistic physics, these games provide an immersive off-roading experience. Navigate through rugged landscapes, battle through mud, and conquer huge obstacles. Test your driving skills and take part in thrilling missions and races. Whether you’re a fan of extreme off-roading or simply looking for an adrenaline rush, Car Simulator: Off Road Games will keep you entertained for hours.

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- 1000 gold, 50 gems, 10 rubies, 5000 money, 2 diamonds, 3 pieces of equipment, 200 resources, 5 items.

Code is hidden Get

- 5000 gold, 100 gems, $500, 10 diamonds, 50 resources, 5 equipment, 20 items for Car Simulator: Off Road Games.

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Gift CodesTotalExpiration Date
wY8E0H9R143October 12, 2023
9hb5kCP0zd722October 28, 2023
hqP38o1xg775November 5, 2023
cszPuhRjMgI240September 30, 2023
8ThFedioGu534October 31, 2023

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Car Simulator: Off Road Games Tier List

It is very bad game 😞 not installed it ads dekhkar level open hota ha means it online game bad bad bad game

It's understandable with graphic (it only 30 mb or less game, so). I don't feel it good enough to play. And evertime i enter a mission,there go an ads before getting into the mission. And the same happen when when u've done the mission.It's annoying. Developers. Just make a fun, good graphic game with big file size, it would be better. For now, It's not good at all.

Completed all levels in a single day in just 2 hours. Ads are😬😬 . Anid every time i complete level it asks to purchase 2 to three times irrrritating

Levels are short, with ads in between. Need a winch? Watch ads. Better tires? Ads. Literally everything requires watching ads. Not to mention the game is poorly designed. Buggy. Physics are unrealistic. Horrible controls that you can't customize. This is an ad farm disguised as a really bad game.

Disappointing. Great concept. Tracks are super short. $300+ to unlock everything. You're dreaming. And when you click out of it, it spams you trying to get you to buy it at discounted rates... Don't waste your time

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Car Simulator: Off Road Games Wiki

Car Simulator 4x4 offroad racing adventure. Mudding games of driving truck 4x4.

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