Candies ‘n Curses is an addictive mobile game that combines thrilling action with spooky Halloween vibes. In this game, you step into the shoes of a brave character who must fight off hordes of skeletons, ghosts, and monsters. Armed with a trusty weapon, you’ll explore haunted mansions, graveyards, and other eerie locations. Collect candies to upgrade your character and unlock powerful abilities. With its charming pixel art style and challenging gameplay, Candies ‘n Curses is the perfect game to get you in the Halloween spirit.

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pLfcikwN745November 30, 2023
0KNCaRVhXc687November 17, 2023
dtQRs7cV0230November 19, 2023
RW2DswPBkGc417November 20, 2023
DBzFa34O2N388November 8, 2023

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Fantastic game that doesn't pull all of the "Moble Game" tricks. No wait times, no pay to win. The game has microtransactions for currency, but I promise it's %110 optional. Ads aren't intrusive, only when you die and optional ones if you want an extra life each run. The music is amazing, the art is great, and it has a good amount of content. I do wish there were a few more candies and curses that could be found, but that's really it. 10/10 game.

An amazing game overall. With the game being challenging but fair, and fun to speed run as well. Not grindy actually, progression is great, with souls ( the easier to get currency) being fast to collect, and the ectoplasm, the rarer currency, can just be bought with the abundant amount of souls. Ads aren't very annoying either, if you don't choose to watch a ad for a revive, you don't get ads at all. Bosses are fun as well, and become easier the more you play. 5/5

It is a fun game and doesn't show you many ads. It is a fun story (5/8/2021) There are times when the flashlight glitches for me(I was using the king's beacon flashlight idk if this problem happens for other ones) and it doesn't kill the enemies in front of me as it should. What seemed to fix this for me was using another different weapon, then dying with it. After that it started working again (6/6/2023)

Cute pixelated game with interesting characters. The lore is silly and entertaining. Also the difficulty with each level is increasingly challenging but it never gets too difficult or monotaneous. Last but not least the SOUNDTRACK is simply immaculate *chefs kiss*. I keep coming back to this game over the years and completely get lost in it each time. 10/10 recommend!!!

It's fun, it does take a while though to figure out what everything means. But aesthetic is fun! I do have this bug though with the Ember flashlight where it straight up won't do anything and I just run around until I die, but usually I can fix that by closing and reopening it or just use a different flashlight instead.

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Discover tricks and treats in this adorable ghost-hunting arcade platformer! - Fixed a bug that caused some countries to break floating point values.
- Fixed a bug that caused inputs to be dropped.
- Play button mode order changed: Normal > CC > Map

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