“Call of Sniper: Special Forces” puts players in the shoes of elite snipers tasked with completing high-pressure missions in war-torn environments. With stunning visuals and realistic weapon mechanics, players must utilize stealth, precision, and quick reflexes to neutralize threats and rescue hostages. The game offers a variety of challenging missions, from stealthy assassinations to intense hostage extractions. Players can also customize their weapons and gear to suit their playstyle, adding a strategic layer to the gameplay. With its intense action and immersive gameplay, “Call of Sniper: Special Forces” is a must-play for fans of sniper games and military action.

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- 1. 1000 Gold Coins 2. 50 Diamonds 3. 200 Energy Potions

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- 1. Gold Bars x100 2. Ammo Crate x50 3. Sniper Scope x3 4. Special Forces Uniform x1

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Call of Sniper Special Forces

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Call of Sniper Special Forces Review

It's not that bad but the game would be more fun if the following updates would be: the graphics, its ok but i want it to look a little bit more realistic, the sound effects from guns like the snipers or bolt action rifle, it misses on the iconic bolt mechanism effect, i wish you change that and improve it and put a sound on it, put some costumizing controls and make it smoother, and add some weapons like MGs and shotguns. Just little more improvements will make it more fun.

Bought the remove ads feature. Nothing happened. There's still way too many ads. I want my money back!

Best controls and smooth graphics. Gameplay is perfect. Highly recommended

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