Bus Simulator 2022 Bus Game 3D takes the thrilling experience of driving a bus to a whole new level! With stunning graphics and realistic gameplay features, this game puts you in the driver’s seat of a variety of buses in a dynamic city environment. From picking up passengers to navigating through traffic and following traffic rules, you’ll feel the adrenaline rush as you complete challenging missions. Enjoy the freedom of exploring the city, upgrading your bus fleet, and becoming the ultimate bus driver in this immersive and captivating bus simulation game.

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This game is a total waste of your time because it has so many advertisements in this game. Dr.drive is so much better than it. I uninstall this game instantly. 😔

Totally waste of time, this is not a game, this is portal of so many adds, I uninstalled in just 10 mins

A game with too much ads. All part of the game is ads.

Too many ads. Every 10 seconds ads are coming.

Too many adds... like to request for a data erasure....

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Bus Simulator to enjoy City Bus Games 3D & be a Coach Bus Driver in Real Bus Sim

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