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List of BURGER KING® Polska Codes

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How to redeem BURGER KING® Polska codes?

Present coupon at BURGER KING® Polska checkout to receive discount. Valid for specified items or deals. Check expiry date and exclusions. Enjoy your meal savings!

BURGER KING® Polska Coupon reviews

Ever since the update, the BURGER KING® Polska app has been riddled with issues, making it frustratingly unusable for many customers. From constant errors to difficulties in entering addresses, the app has become a headache to navigate. Despite being a loyal BK customer, the poor performance of the app has left users exasperated, with some even resorting to giving it a resounding 0-star rating if possible.

One glaring deficiency in the app is the inability to customize orders by removing ingredients, such as requesting no onions on a burger. This lack of a fundamental feature goes against Burger King's core value of allowing customers to have their meals "their way, right away." As a result, many users have expressed disappointment and lowered their ratings due to this oversight. The frustration of not being able to tailor orders to personal preferences has led some customers to opt for ordering in person rather than using the app or self-service terminals in the restaurants.

Another drawback of the BURGER KING® Polska app is the absence of detailed order history, making it challenging for users to track their previous purchases. While the addition of a "Favourite" tab is appreciated by some customers for quick reordering, the overall lack of order tracking functionality has been a point of annoyance for many. Although the complexity of implementing a tracking feature is acknowledged, users hope that the app developers will address this issue to enhance the overall user experience.

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