Burger King® Mexico is a leading fast-food chain offering a delicious array of flame-grilled burgers, fries, and refreshing beverages. With an emphasis on quality ingredients and unique flavors, Burger King® Mexico satisfies the cravings of customers across the country. Known for its iconic Whopper sandwich and innovative menu items, Burger King® Mexico continues to delight patrons with its commitment to providing a memorable dining experience. The brand’s dedication to customer satisfaction, convenient locations, and efficient service makes Burger King® Mexico a top choice for those seeking a satisfying and flavorful fast-food meal in Mexico.

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- 1. Free Whopper meal 2. BOGO on King Jr. meal 3. 20% off any sandwich 4. Free drink with any purchase 5. $5 off family bundle

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Burger King® Mexico

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T9CBG1R0February 25, 2024
5FX34SV0WCFebruary 25, 2024
Z3RD1K8S6February 21, 2024
O5MENXDG762March 11, 2024
MBZ9KVW6ANMarch 9, 2024
Y2AFMO7LFebruary 27, 2024
AGMUXBLOE4March 19, 2024
1IUZ26VPWMarch 7, 2024

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Burger King® Mexico Reviews

The details make this app frustrating. I placed an order, the order id is #SAUNH, in Tijuana Cucapah. The order never came. I wait for an hour, because the app had this message that they will give a notification when the order is ready. Then I try to call but the number in Google maps is broken or something and the contact module in the app has a character limit for the email and I can't put mine. Other detail is that when I wanted to pay, it said that my credit card was invalid.

I signed up for a special coupon, and would have just walked there anyways. But the app wasted my time and kept having errors, now i don't want to go out of spite.

The worst app of food I've ever used, just when I decided to use one cuppon and when I was outside of the burger king it freezed, it was already open but was if it knew I was about to use it and didn't wanted me to get a discount, the worst experience

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