Buona is a well-known Italian restaurant that offers a taste of Italy in every bite. With a wide range of authentic Italian dishes, Buona captures the essence of traditional Italian cuisine. From homemade pastas to wood-fired pizzas, their menu is filled with delicious options for every palate. With fresh ingredients and a cozy ambiance, dining at Buona is a culinary experience like no other. Whether you’re craving a hearty lasagna or a classic margherita pizza, Buona is sure to satisfy your Italian food cravings.

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- copia di cucina italiana, sconto del 20% sul vino, dessert gratis, consegna gratuita, regalo misterioso, assaggio gratuito di formaggi.

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- Buy one get one free, 50% off any item, free dessert with purchase, $5 off entree

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g6WcxV0b268October 7, 2023
04oPMFksp6260October 31, 2023
YSDWpiscJ499November 15, 2023
KhPsVkUv1MC873September 23, 2023
pUxeJFy06i679October 13, 2023

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The text fields do not have the correct autofill attributes (eg CCV on the credit card info form is a password input) PLUS there is at least one button whose background color is grey. GREY! it's like they're trying to make you think it's disabled. Amateur UI design, NOT respectful of the user's time. Also, they prompt for location access every time you look at their home page. Why not add in a modal every 10 seconds while you're at it Buona.

App makes it impossible to order any sort of burger combos (ex. Wednesday special, in-app meal) easily for some reason. When I select it and tap "Everything" for toppings, it ignores that and forces me to select "Customize" and needlessly rebuild the entire burger from scratch. This doesn't happen if you just order the regular burger on its own. For some reason on the combos, it has radio buttons for those options while on the regular one, it uses checkboxes. Maybe that causes the problem?

The app just doesn't work most of the time. It freezes on the first screen almost everytime I open the app. And on the rare occasions when it does work, it's full of technical issues. I once had to close, reopen and refill my order three times because it kept freezing when I was trying to check out. Edit: The past few times I've used the app, it's definitely been working on a more consistent basis. It still freezes up every now and then, but, when it works, the user experience is great.

When it works, it is great. Two main issues are: white screen and app will not open. Has been happening a lot lately. Then a great feature is a pop-up screen asking if I would like to reorder my last order and it lists all of the items. Unfortunately this has never worked. I click on yes but it randomly puts ONLY one item from my last order into my cart.

I can order my food easily, but when it is made incorrectly, there is no one to tell.This app is designed to avoid the customers. I called my local store, and 5 of the 6 message prompts tell you to go to the app. The only option that reaches the store goes to voicemail, or they pick up and hang up the phone. Tech is supposed to enhance service not replace it

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Order & Earn Rewards - Chicago's Original Italian Beef We’ve made improvements to the app and beefed up the experience.

Order delivery or pickup and earn rewards! Don’t forget to scan the Buona app during your next visit.

Buona is a local family-owned restaurant that specializes in authentic Chicago Classics. From our signature Italian Beef Sandwich to our fresh, never dried pastas, each of our menu items are based off our traditional family recipes. Since 1981 out commitment has never changed, to create the perfect bite every time.

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