Bullet Strike: Sniper Battlegrounds – do your best to survive in the moment of uncompromising confrontations with different opponents. Explore the environment to find trophies and opponents.

The goal of the game is to destroy the maximum number of enemies, as well as to be the last one who managed to survive in difficult conditions. Up to 20 participants land on the island, and then fight each other. Move to shelters, look for caches where there are weapons and useful items. Use a pistol, knife, rifle, and other weapons. Change the appearance of the hero at your own discretion. Worked out excellent graphics and sound, there is a leaderboard.

Active BulletStrike: Shooting Game VIP Codes

8oygCPxxxxx Get

- Gold x7346K, Gems x314, Coins x89276

xpoiGDxxxxx Get

- Diamonds x215, Money x45916, Resources x2915K

BulletStrike: Shooting Game Codes

List of BulletStrike: Shooting Game Codes

Gift CodesExpiration DateTotal
en831FuJGVpJuly 9, 2023588
WRIOF308YPpdJune 24, 2023877
M8hIUypPYZJuly 20, 2023131
5ocxGJmMlkTJuly 17, 2023280
arA8bfuPYjgJuly 16, 2023685

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  • Step 1: Click on 'Avatar' => 'Settings' => 'Redeem Code'.
  • Step 2: Enter the code in the gift code' box and press 'Confirm' to receive the reward.
BulletStrike: Shooting Game Redeem Code

BulletStrike: Shooting Game Tier List

I love the game, the sounds, weapons even the multiplayer gameplay is pretty decent. But I only have 1 problem, the ads i mean I mostly understand but really? after every game I get atleast 30 seconds of an ad that I cannot close. Bad gaming experience on that end. I have uninstalled the game, just can't stand the aggressive ads.

The game is back! For some reason, this game has been dead for a while, with no enemies to shoot! It was scary, you go into any scene and you are alone until time runs out! I had almost wanted to give up the game and uninstall, but some reason I kept on trying, and today it seems everything gets back to normal! I hope it stays that way cos I really love this game, especially after I've achieved the highest gun! Please don't go crazy again. Giving it 5 stars for now!

I unistalled it, but I really like it so i'm going to give it five stars. To be honest, I really like the maps, and all the gun options that you can choose from, I am expecting more guns soon because I like games where there's alot of guns. Now hear is the reason why I unistalled it, and I hope you guy's fix these following problems. The scope and the moving is super laggy. You should add a sprint button. I hope you guys reach out to me when these thing are fixed. Then I'll download it again:)

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BulletStrike: Shooting Game Wiki

The most challenging Battlegrounds Sniper and Shooting Game with real-time PvP ! ★ Experience real-time kill shot battlegrounds of FPS Shooting games: It is one of multiplayer free online shooting games so you can compete with real sniper shooters around the world.
★ Unlock dozens of new, powerful sniper rifles and armors: Sniper guns and armors are constantly released and updated. The game also has Bazzoka and Grenade guns to support you.
★ Use sniper tactics to reach the top of leaderboards
★ Upgrade your favorite sniper rifles with many types of attachments.

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