Broken Dawn II HD is an action-packed game that will keep you hooked for hours. Set in a post-apocalyptic world, you are the last hope for mankind. With stunning HD graphics and smooth gameplay, you will experience intense battles against mutant creatures and zombies. Upgrade your weapons and skills to become stronger and defeat powerful bosses. Explore different areas and uncover the secrets of this devastated world. Are you ready to save humanity? Download Broken Dawn II HD now and embark on an epic adventure.

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It's literally really fun to play I've already installed it twice in my old and new phone, can't get rid of it. But I've already reached the last stage and I can't find any new stage or updates so plz update new stage and it's actually not really hard if upgraded property with time

This game is amazing, the gameplay is nice, control good and graphics ok. But I will give a 5 stars if we can rotate our camera because I love seeing enemies head to head. Also if we could get set speed increase and goldloot drop as well as events and vanity clothes. Either way nice job devs, I hope you throw us with more amazing features.

1)The rewarding/upgrading system of the game is CONSTANTLY baiting you to buy. 2)There are lots of limitations including the numbers of times you may farm a dungeon (you have energy which depletes after every level run). 3)Finishing a level on a higher difficulty has nothing to do with your skills - harder difficulty just means you cannot finish in time if you are not upgraded enough. 4) Not finishing a level in time means lesser rewards. CONCLUSION: i would rate ZERO stars if i could.

Straight up,top down, twin stick shooter with a cool future apocalypse look going for it with lots of on screen baddies to keep your fingers twitching in a an easily accessible and tight package. Not terribly deep but it isn't trying to be either. Easily jump in and out of exciting and fun action.

This game sucks. Her moves are robotic. The graphics are alright but the camera panning sucks. You can see in certain spots which makes it harder to see where you go and always getting stuck in spots. And only 2 powers. That sucks. Give her something to speed up her running. And always getting hit no matter how far away you are.and the price of a mech is to much especially when you don't give jack squat for health. 20 monsters on u and as you reload excessive damage. 👇👎👎👎

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This version uses a higher resolution texture,fully matched device resolution .Fixed the problem of some device can not start the game.
.Corrected an issue which caused crashing
.Fixed some bugs

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