Blaze of Battle is an epic strategy game that combines kingdom building, resource management, and epic battles. As a ruler, you must gather and manage resources to grow your kingdom, recruit an army of powerful warriors, and engage in thrilling battles against other players. With stunning graphics and immersive gameplay, Blaze of Battle offers an incredible gaming experience. Form alliances, strategize your attacks, and lead your kingdom to victory. Are you ready to ignite the flame of battle and conquer the realm? Download Blaze of Battle now and let the conquest begin!

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RBqXNj7O314December 31, 2023
2tOyS5Yunp203January 18, 2024
Zfd1IvmME192January 6, 2024
Msy7lfUeHDq154December 4, 2023
fj5OKY2ghD493November 29, 2023

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Blaze of Battle Tier List

The game is based on numbers and upgrades. To advance that's based on the money you want to put in. Packs start $0.99 when a new account but once you start buying it will integrate into $4.99, $9.99, $19.99 in time those will stop appearing and players will only have access to $99.99 packs. It's a huge money pit and only supporting the players cheating or spending. There's really no strategy it's all about how much money you put in. You need lots of farms to keep up with the demand of upgrades.

This game is garbage... I have played for sometime and it can take hours, days or actual years (without using speedups) to do certain achievements, build or gather resources but, you can lose everything in minutes if attacked (actual minutes). It doesn't matter how your defences or troop level are, you just get destroyed in 5 minutes and you have nothing left. There is no reprieve between attacks, number of people attacking at once or anything to salvage what you have built.

False advertising/breach of contract on purchasing packs. They went in and deleted items out of my account that I had paid for and received. Didn't issue a refund, either. And unless you want to spend thousands of dollars on this game, don't bother downloading it. It might be "free to play", but it's definitely pay to win. Any avenue non-spenders have to gain headway is taken away or reduced to practically useless. Unless you're dumping tons of money into your account, you can't do anything but sit around and chat with friends.

Steals items purchased in packs. This is free to play/ pay to win strategy game, like many war games out there. Progressing to the highest levels in a competitive time frame, pretty much requires spending and new updates make you continue to upgrade. All pretty typical. but Leyi is more underhanded than most. Their latest ploy is to sell players items in packs - and then retroactively delete them from your account. After spending game currency to use them.

So complicated... I only downloaded it to get a free rolls in apllication that gives bonuses for use and download of certain games. Cant wait to reach the certain point (level) required to recive free bonuses. I am planning to uninstall it then. Like i said too complicated for me. Its a whole science. Like you wont have a life outside this game. I really hate when game devour your time like crazy. Cant wait to uninstall it and get some free space in memory

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Build your empire, train your troops and go to battle with millions players. * Minor Bugs fixed and optimizations

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