Cuties Gift Codes [2024 June]

Last update April 18, 2024

Cuties codes are a fun way to unlock special features in gaming, like new levels or characters. These unique combinations provide players with a sense of achievement and excitement as they discover hidden secrets within their favorite games. Whether it’s a secret passage or a rare item, cuties codes add a layer of mystery and intrigue to the gaming experience. Players can share codes with friends or use them to challenge themselves to unlock new content. So, next time you’re stuck in a game, remember to keep an eye out for cuties codes!

New valid Cuties Code

Code is hidden Get

- 10-word reward: "3 gifts: 100 gems, 50 coins, Rare Cutie character pack"

Code is hidden Get

- Unlock treasure chest: 100 coins, 50 gems, 3 boosters, skin.

Secret rewards Get

List of Cuties Codes

CODEExpiration Date
LVM0TZCBMay 19, 2024
MXPNYGQWVTJune 2, 2024
3P1KUTONZMay 8, 2024
DEZC8KN7SJWMay 24, 2024
DSUFNOVJ2CMay 17, 2024
YWLSCGOHMay 8, 2024
2TZRQMXJBVApril 20, 2024
506HBKD1WApril 28, 2024

How to Redeem Code?

To redeem a code in Cuties, open the game and go to the settings menu. Enter the code in the designated section to receive rewards or bonuses.

Cuties Codes Review

While the graphics and gameplay are straightforward and fun, it quickly becomes obvious there are a few flaws. Ex. whether you have to clear 20 gold blocks or 100, you get the same amount of moves. When you combine boosters (rocket and TNT bundle) it doesn't clear much more than the TNT alone. Also once you use your 3 pickaxes it costs 14 spyglass to get 3 more. You only earn 1 spyglass once you clear a level. So unless you spend quite a bit of money, and continuously, it didn't seem worth it.

Better than typical 3-match games, but can be frustrating. I'm at Level 391. I play often. Like other similar games, much depends on the luck of new pieces falling into the play area. It sucks when you can only make matches away from where needed. You can spend lots of time replaying a level, always running out of moves, then by miracle, you get 2 nuclear pieces and finish the level with 8 moves left. Far too often unwanted moves can happen, when you touch the screen close to where you meant to.

Fun and addictive. I would give 5 stars if the following 2 things were changed. 1. I wish there was a way to turn off the hints. 2. If the option to watch ads to get more lives wasn't limited. I'm willing to watch ads to support the developers but I'm not going to pay. The only option besides paying is to go out of the game and wait for some amount if time for your lives to be replenished. It's a bit frustrating when you are really into the game but either have to pay or stop playing and wait.

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