Black Border Patrol Sim is an immersive simulation game that puts players in the role of a border patrol agent. The demo version of the game offers a taste of the challenging missions and intense gameplay mechanics. To enhance your experience in the demo, here are some codes that can unlock exclusive features and rewards. Use these codes to access special weapons, vehicles, and characters that will help you navigate the dangerous border terrain. Get ready to test your skills and strategy in this thrilling game that combines action, strategy, and skillful decision-making.

New valid Black Border Patrol Sim (Demo) Code

Code is hidden Get

- Congratulations! Receive 25 credits, 10 medkits, and 5 bonus levels.

Code is hidden Get

- Earn 100 credits, 50 gold bars, 25 gems, and armor.

Secret rewards Get
Black Border Patrol Sim (Demo)

List of Black Border Patrol Sim (Demo) Codes

CODEExpiration Date
AC240YFWJune 17, 2024
VK4X528I6OJune 5, 2024
TY5R8A37GJune 20, 2024
CO1VHP7ZQA2May 29, 2024
9XVGC8SR57June 16, 2024
PF90J25IJuly 8, 2024
EBOG93Y2SCJune 1, 2024
QMV813N0LJune 28, 2024

How to redeem Black Border Patrol Sim (Demo) codes?

Open game, go to settings, click on "redeem code", enter code, click redeem. Enjoy exclusive rewards and enhancements in Black Border Patrol Sim (Demo).

Black Border Patrol Sim (Demo) Codes Review

I have always wanted a Papers Please style game, and this one fits the bill. Mechanics wise, for the demo, it seems solid. The entry and exit animations when migrants enter seem slow but I may get used to it. Had to set it to 4x to feel fluid (but maybe thats me). Overall, its a great experience. Glory to Alanan.

So when i started it crash, when got into the game and did checking the rules called the frist person no one came. Then the next time the game wouldn't let me click on the microphone, then the next time it crashed, then when everything was working, ok frist passport, something is wrong ok call him out, game freezed and crash. Demos are your frist look at game and if something is bad it leaves bad impression, this game gave me so much trouble. 3/10

Its a good papers please twin. I would love to see the attacks at the border slightly more frequently and and difficulty levels when you start. Also can implement more than just the passport and ID in the demo so we can prepare ourselves for when we get the story mode. Plz that all I would want more from this game

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