Experience the thrill of riding an electric scooter with Bird. With the Bird app, you can easily locate and unlock an electric scooter to conveniently get around the city. And now, with our exclusive Ride Electric coupon, you can save on your next ride. Simply enter the code at checkout to enjoy a discounted rate. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to explore your surroundings in a fun and eco-friendly way with Bird.

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How to redeem Bird — Ride Electric codes?

To redeem the Bird coupon, download the app, enter the code at checkout, select a ride, and enjoy an electric scooter journey through the city.

Bird — Ride Electric Coupon reviews

I'm pretty annoyed every time I utilize the electric scooter, and it goes over the amount, the notification that pops up immediately disappears and won't let me see the overcharge. I can't see it in my bank receipts, but amounts will disappear. It's happened three times, I've tried to report. Or even get a screenshot of proof, or just clicked on the notifications.

I installed the Lime app and the Bird app. Lime works fine. Bird, after putting in my email, shows the app for a brief moment then goes to a blank screen that says 'Rental Agreement'. I can't get out of that screen, nothing I can do. I will try to reinstall it. Update: After emailing Bird support, I learned there was an issue with the release I installed. They fixed it on Feb 1. Glad they were responsive in email. Issue fixed with version 4.21.09, seems to be working now.

The idea is awesome and love the product but this is a review for the app. The app is garbage. The camera auto takes the photo and takes low quality photos that end up denying the license due to blurry image. App is slow and really weird, sometimes I can't tell if I'm being charged yet or if it's running and the customer service takes a very long time to respond (hours) to the point that you just uber cus they haven't responded. I fully support the scooter movement and it's a great way to connect with the city and very fun but the app is trash.

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