Battle Flare is an exciting fighting RPG that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Choose from a variety of powerful heroes and embark on an epic adventure to save the kingdom from evil forces. Build your dream team and strategically plan your battles to defeat hordes of enemies. Upgrade your heroes and unlock new skills and weapons to unleash devastating attacks. The stunning graphics and intense gameplay will immerse you in this action-packed world. Prepare for the ultimate battle and download Battle Flare today!

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- 10 gold, 5 gems, 2 rubies, 3 equipment, 50 money, 20 diamonds, 1 resource, 15 items, 4 gold, 10 equipment, 100 money.

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- Gold, gems, money, diamonds, resources, equipment, items: 100, 50, 2000, 10, 500, sword, potion, shield, armor, bow.

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Gift CodesTotalExpiration Date
EC698wal839November 8, 2023
eIaumjWBP2922October 17, 2023
OER9MY5BF942October 13, 2023
0ntX83e1bZa947November 15, 2023
HNPVanImF2980October 6, 2023

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Battle Flare – Fighting RPG Tier List

I have finished the game. Just wanted to address ths bug/issue during the final battle with the dragon. After defeating it and pressing 'ok', the whole screen only shows light blue with my character's health in full and the dragon's nil. Are you able to fix it? Thank you. Overall, such a great game!

Battle Flare is so amazing and the creator has put so much effort. The game is so challenging and it has amazing graphics. Battle Flare has the most fun content and I hope the creator knows that it has become successful. I don't have a problem but I have some requests that the creator must improve. First, can there please be a tutorial in the beginning because I was actually confused with the controls and how to find the inventory and stuff. But I just explore everything to find out. So I hope you will put a tutorial. I know it shows how to use buttons, but we need a very clear tutorial. And the other request, can there be different view like a 3rd person view because the only view we see is a view from the side. I still rate it a 5 because it's fun and it is not lagging at all. So for people who does have the game lagging, it's just the gadget you are using because it doesn't lag for me. I love the game and thank you creator for making dreams come true.

This game has alot of variety with its cute characters, you can play as a mage, fighter, berseker, assassin and a knight. The controls are simple and you can do some amazing combos. The levels become more and more challenging so you dont feel like you are too OP making the game feel easy!!! I strongly recomend this game and cant wait for further updates!!!!

A very addictive game Easy controls Canbe easily customized What i hate the most is that Irritating "BLOCKING" system It has a looooooooooooooong cooldown and even though you use it, Its not doing its job called "blocking", speaking of enemies, i think everyone could never beat them, gooshh with 1 health then you have 100+, The enemy would still able to kill you.

Add ways to keep earning Gems in battle not completely remove them once you beat all the opponents and have to grind infinite mode. Maybe add an arena mode as well to fight higj reward bosses that you can repeat fight. Also make upgrading equipment cost gold for the first 5 level ups not gems and modify the skills in the skill tree to be a bit more effective or cost less to gain. And add a PVP mode alongside a weekly tournament ranking that gives rewards to players based on tournament points you earn in that time frame.

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Battle Flare is a Fast- Paced RPG Fighting Game. Join the royale battle!

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