Barro’s Pizza is a renowned pizzeria that has been serving delicious pizza since 1980. With over 40 locations in Arizona, Barro’s is known for their hand-tossed crust, flavorful sauce, and high-quality toppings. They offer a range of specialty pizzas, including the popular Barro’s Supreme loaded with pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms, bell peppers, and onions. Whether you’re dining in or ordering for delivery, Barro’s Pizza ensures a satisfying and enjoyable meal. Trust Barro’s to satisfy your pizza cravings with their mouthwatering creations made with love and care.

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We love Barros, they get 4 stars. Rarely have complaints, & if we they are usually good about making it right. This app 3 stars at best though. I've learned how to navigate it over the years, but I think functionality could be better. Would be nice if they had legitimate deals on occasion as well - the ones they have on there, have always been on there (& aren't really deals imo).

Overall it's ok. But, it's hard to find the menu if you're already starting to order from a previous order. Also, it isn't communicating with my Google wallet, so payment was a pain. This was frustrating because that's how I pay for everything else! Google just auto populates, I pick an option and it gets input from the memory. Also, my previous payment options were gone. I got the order finished but it took multiple tries.

Frustrating process. It would be nice if you could select everything without clicking next for every option. And when trying to select extra sauce for 24 wings, with 2 different flavors, you get an error notification that only 2 selections are allowed. I have to put "extra sauce please" in the special instructions. If you accidentally close out of the app before completing the order, it empties your cart and you have to start all over. It could really use some improvements!

App is getting better, but still has consistent crashes. I understand this is a local chain, but if they had better online order functionality I would order more often. When the app crashes multiple times on opening I'm more inclined to get worse pizza due to convenience. I hope they can get this squared away so I can enjoy more of their awesome pizza!

Very basic. Gets the job done quickly but it is far too simple. It would be nice to have a tracking feature on it like every single other pizza delivery app. Or at least confirm that the order has been placed. I have to close the app and open my email to confirm that it went through and to see the estimated delivery time. Hire a ux designer to get it sorted out.

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