Bare Knuckle Boxing, also known as bare-knuckle fighting, is a traditional form of combat where fighters engage in unarmed combat without gloves or any protective equipment. This raw and intense sport has gained popularity in recent years, with fans being drawn by the raw and authentic nature of the fights. The skill and determination of the fighters are put to the test as they rely solely on their fists and strategy to secure victory. Bare Knuckle Boxing embodies the true essence of combat sports, making it a thrilling and captivating experience for all who witness it.

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The best fighting game on the market. The graphics are insane and the gameplay is pure adrenaline.

Need More improved Graphics like a realistic Graphic And fixed the Bugs

It's good for fighting styles I like it that's why I give 4 star's but let I will come here to give 5 stars

Super fun but the ads are not very fun

Really fun game and cool 😎😎👍👍must try 💯💯💯

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Bare Knuckle Boxing - Unleash Your Inner Fighter! - XP Unlocking Level System
- Active Gamemodes:
• Quick Fight
• Multiplayer
• Brawling Quick Fight
• Career
• Standard & Brawling Tournament
• Brawling World Tour
• War Zone Challenge
• Prison Fights
• Brawling League
• Detailed Options Menu
• Side & Back Camera

- New Arenas
- Entrances & Taunts
- Referree
- Commentator
- Improved Press Room
- Different Stances per Fighting Style
- Belt Fights
- Career Fight Record
- Multiplayer Statistic
- Multiplayer Leaderboard
- Leaderboard Rewards


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