Bacon May Die is an action-packed brawl game that will test your skills and reflexes. Play as a bacon-loving hero and fight off hordes of enemies using an arsenal of weapons and special abilities. With its vibrant graphics and fast-paced gameplay, you’ll be hooked from the first punch. Unlock new characters, customize their appearance, and unleash devastating combos on your foes. Prepare for an epic battle as you take on challenging bosses and conquer various levels. Can you prove that bacon is not only delicious but also deadly?

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YQ51I3pf208December 13, 2023
0sex1O7lUo447January 23, 2024
aGDcN9VrW120January 14, 2024
DwQiSsG7xyq659December 27, 2023
IuHOiVrM6Q788December 30, 2023

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This app is FANTASTIC. Ads only appear when you want them. You can even REVIVE WITH FULL HEALTH with only an ad! It's spectacular, game play is great, I love the controls, the difficulty is right where it should be for a fun game, you can catch a FLIGHT further into the levels for not much cash, YOU CAN EVEN HAVE A CHICKEN FIGHT ALONGSIDE YOU FOR 10 GOLD. There's plenty to do. I absolutely LOVE this game and all of the other games you make, and anybody in these reviews who doesn't is tripping on something. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK 😂👍

i love this game, but it's have 2 problem. First, sometimes the game become LAGGY and SLOW. Then, the attack range is buggy. I can’t hit enemies even though i'm very close with the enemies. Pls FIX this and i'll give you 5 star.

Great game, very addicting, the costumes are great and funny. The only problem I have is hitreg, sometimes with certain guns, it doesn't register that I hit them, even though it went right through the person. Other than that, they should add a mode to change the color of the skin on the character. Great game though, for fast paced

I like the game but there's one thing that I don't like I want to have like multiplayer PVP. And more grenade's and more outfits and weapons I give it a five out of five and guns.

THE GAME IS AMAZING!!! But I gave a 4 star because I want multiplayer and events... And weapon abilitys would also suit with gun skills :)

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Help an angry pig fight armies of monsters in a fun brawl game! * SKD Updates
* Bug fixes

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