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How to redeem Back Market, Buy Online codes?

To redeem a coupon at Back Market, simply enter the code at checkout when buying online. Enjoy discounts on refurbished electronics and gadgets for a great deal.

Back Market, Buy Online Coupon reviews

I have in the past purchased over 3 phones from Back market, however my last experience with my phone is horrible. So I bought a Galaxy Z flip 3 in October, well I had to send that back because it had problems. So I upgraded to a Galaxy Z flip 4 and it was working fine until March (literally 6 mon. later). Because there was yr. warranty for technical issues I sent it bk. Well they didn't honor the warranty. The phone started to turn black where the crease is, as the reviews stated. Don't buy!

The developers of the app need to improve on the front end of the app. For instance I have been struggling to locate the "other" icon on the app so that I can successfully move some money from the wallet into my personal account but believe you me I can't even locate the "other" icon on the app. I had to go through the website and after locating and clicking on the "other" icon, I seem not to know where the wallet icon is on the website. It shouldn't be hard to read English language

The phones have worked great for the most part. When I had an issue one time utilizing the warranty was so complicated I didn't get the benefit. They wanted proof of purchase, pictures of the phone, and something that required it to function, but it wouldn't turn on. I have bought 4 phones altogether. The third one was trouble right away so I got another one. Basically flushed $168 down the toilet due to their return (lack of return) process. The warranty is a pain.

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