Baby pandas are getting ready for their first day of school, and they’re super excited to ride the special Baby Panda’s School Bus! With its colorful design and friendly driver, the bus is a safe and fun way for the cubs to travel to school. Inside the bus, the little pandas can sing songs, play games, and even learn new things from the educational videos playing on the screens. The bus is also equipped with comfy seats and safety features to ensure a smooth and enjoyable ride for the little ones.

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Typical cash cow for kids. So wrong to do this and not be completely up front about it. Your first advert will annoy and your child will be upset. I'd rather pay for a full app. It's fun and my son likes it. But the publisher needs to stop all this nonsense.

I love baby all panda's game's. This app teaches hand eye, colors, shapes, numbers and there are so many games my kids are able to play before even buying the game ! The bus is a clanker, yet under the faded yellow paint is a classic- the shape transporting me back tyo child.modern buses are equiped with comfortable seat's.

I love this game my daughter loved it the ads are bad like bad ads like a boy and a girl u know my daughter screems when she sees these ads this ads are not safe for kids . Pls remove them

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