Assoluto Racing – you need to set a clear goal and win the race at any cost, do not be afraid of competitors, and everything will work out. So this is truly an evolutionary game that will impress mobile users.

The race is so beautiful and perfectly designed that some of the locations are breathtaking. Vehicles from different world manufacturers provide an opportunity to constantly hone your own skills. The engine is not only realistic, but also controllable. The authors have shown themselves to be real enthusiasts, have invested a lot of effort in this gameplay, and it is becoming more and more popular.

Active Assoluto Racing VIP Codes

Qy3uDZxxxxx Get

- Gold x1637K, Gems x467, Coins x64132

g5riAPxxxxx Get

- Diamonds x483, Money x81935, Resources x4725K

Assoluto Racing Codes

List of Assoluto Racing Codes

Gift CodesExpiration DateTotal
xMlEBGCyNeDJune 19, 2023159
yDCnzHmJjSZUJuly 23, 2023250
EnRbSop8KZJuly 16, 2023413
My28iJxZsWQJuly 17, 2023769
ID6lNzdaxfyJuly 19, 2023887

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  • Step 2: Enter the code in the gift code' box and press 'Confirm' to receive the reward.
Assoluto Racing Redeem Code

Assoluto Racing Tier List

I can't give this game a full five stars although I really enjoy it a lot. The reason being that for some reason on my end the steering doesn't register so well. But, I think there is some other reason for that. Aside from that this is a highly enjoyable racing game. Those who can't find out how to race multiplayer aren't looking into it. Even single player racing is challenging. The tracks are really nice and the free run option is nice for practice. Amazingly well done racing game. Fancy too.

I think this game has so much potential, as it's definitely the best racing platform I've ever played on mobile. Although I feel it doesn't deserve five stars, as it is difficult to progress, some cars are unattainable unless you pay a good sum of money, and there are quite some bugs. But I have had the game for years and wish for it to one day fix these things holding it back.

Definitely recommend the download. Great graphics, good controls, in-depth car tuning, no ads, and amazing maps. The only problem is that the gold coins used in exchange for cars is way too hard to come by. Purchasing cars just isn't possible most of the time. You do come across free tickets and cars a lot, so it's not that big of a deal. Other than that one gripe, it's an amazing game for mobile.

Assoluto Racing Coupon Codes

Assoluto Racing Wiki

DRIFT and DRIVE in the only mobile racing simulation now! NEW ORIGINAL TOUGE COURSE

- LB-ER34 Super Silhouette SKYLINE
- lb nation x TOYOTA HIACE

- Toyota GR Yaris (w/ Interior)
- Toyota Celica GT-Four ST205 (w/ Interior)
- Toyota HiAce H200
- Honda Integra Type R DC2 (w/ Interior)
- Toyota TRD 3000GT (Token)

- Interior FOV and Seat position sliders in settings
- Added leveling system and locking system in Events/ Multiplayer for new players

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