Art of War 3: RTS is an exhilarating real-time strategy game that combines tactical thinking with fast-paced action. With a focus on resource management, base building, and unit control, players are challenged to outsmart and outmaneuver their opponents on the battlefield. The game features stunning graphics, dynamic battle environments, and a variety of units and abilities to employ. Whether you’re engaging in intense multiplayer battles or tackling the compelling single-player campaign, Art of War 3 offers a strategic experience that will test your wits and keep you coming back for more exhilarating warfare.

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- "100 gold, 50 gems, 5 energy for strategic victories in battle"

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- 1. 1000 gold, 500 crystals, 200 energy, 50 VIP points

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Art of War 3:RTS strategy game

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CODEExpiration Date
BZVP6NQ0March 16, 2024
KWXSP3A9J4March 21, 2024
J4SBA0ZG8February 26, 2024
5DZ9430HI6UFebruary 5, 2024
GVIAE49SMFFebruary 1, 2024
DLWRTK8UFebruary 2, 2024
KUO4TSHQAPFebruary 8, 2024
20KSLOAEQFebruary 27, 2024

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Art of War 3:RTS strategy game Review

I'm strategizing the best ways to battle in this truly authentic RTS. There's so many options available for land, air, and sea, yet resource management is key to not over expanding. It takes strategy, speed, and patience in order to win against the toughest foes. If you're a fan of c & c style combat then this is the only android app that'll truly satisfy the urge for RTS. The training at the beginning is necessary and should be taken into consideration for the sake of overall gameplay. Thanks!!

It's fun, the AI malfunctioned making it too obvious that it is an AI. For one example how can someone say affirmative 17 times and not move one guy and stay on and watch you play for two hours.Stuff like that happened more than you know. AI responses to self defense not for a deceitful strike. So if you blast and bomb it to rubble prepare and hit the vital things first. You can leave it alone and watch it build things in the same things in a orderly fashion, regardless of the situation.

It's a decent game. it has a balancing issue between the two factions. Don't get me started on the cheap tactics that this game has. I believe it shouldn't even be possible to crawl your base into the enemy base and just wreck the enemy base with fortifications, it doesn't make the game fun, it's just annoying. Also the pathfinding is just stupid. my Jaguars get confused and take wrong routes or just can't get to the destination, because it can't path find its way there. Please fix this.

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