In the fantastical world of Art of Conquest, Airships reign supreme as the epitome of airborne warfare. These floating fortresses soar through the skies, armed to the teeth with devastating firepower. From the fearless Bombardiers raining destruction upon enemies below, to the nimble Skyriders zipping through the clouds, each airship brings a unique advantage to the battlefield. Mastering the art of commanding these majestic war machines is the key to domination in the game. Soar above your rivals, conquer the skies, and lead your faction to victory in Art of Conquest: Airships.

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it was fun, easy and cheap at the beginning. it started with $1 for Patron. then 14.99 for permanent. after that, everything is expensive. they advertise hundreds of percentage in savings, but that's bad marketing. put aside the cost, leveling up is hard without spending money. I mean, you have to fight repetitive battles for hours to level up. also, the upgrades seems to be limit less. it is a pointless game after a few days. keep the money, but you can take more of my time.

It's a great game and everything is fun and creative, and the concepts of training and placements of troops have always been wonderful to me. Unfortunately I'm reviewing due to a bug where after defeating any boss, a higher level player can camp a boss sight and target you after you've depleated your resources, forcing you to flee. After this, all the loot disappears. It's really upsetting and unfortunately I can't get the loot back from the boss area. please fix this for other players.

It's a biased game. If you're a western player and you get matched with anyone from China, Taiwan, or in that region in the duel tower(pvp), you will lose no matter what. Even if your troops, heroes, dragons, etc.. is higher, you will still lose against them. Other than the very obvious discrimination, it's a good game.

Been playing for years now.. all of a sudden my troops' attack and health suddenly got very low after 2 updates that changed the format of the troop attack and health.. ive messaged the official art of conquest messanger and vip service chat..but all they say is that..There are plenty of ways to get my attack higher,..but my problem is, myn were already very high, but suddenly got low after updates that changed the attack and health..while everyone stayed high even reaching billions.

I love the combat mechanics of this game but it's obviously a P2W game. Which sucks because game wise it's one of the best build and battles.

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A magic land with various races, terrains, and species! Greetings, Commander! There's a new version update available. Come and download it!
Main Updates:
1. New Event: Starfall Wilds.
2. Rodran Airship Clue Adjustment.
3. Siege Research Adjustment.
4. Other Improvements and Bug Fixes.

Newly Updated Code: