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Apple TV Coupon reviews

I love the content and when the app is working right I have no problem with the interface. Picture quality is fantastic on my 4K HDR TV but lately the app has been crashing causing the picture to freeze and the audio to keep playing, I have to reboot my Chromecast Google TV to get it to play again. Last night, the crash happened and the whole Chromecast crashed and rebooted. I hope they get the bugs sorted as I really love the service and plan to stay subscribed.

Can't get any shows to play on my Chromecast with Google TV. The previews play fine but when the show is suppose to start I get the error, "Video Not Available There's a problem loading this video. If this continues, check your internet connection." All other apps work fine and my internet is fast. I tried to uninstall and reinstall and still get the error. It works on my Sony TV, just not my Chomecast with Google TV.

Interface looks nice, but content (at least 4k, not heavily tested yet) has massive artifacting and is unwatchable. Apple needs to work on compression optimization, include decoder settings, and/or add analytic/statistics panel for better troubleshooting. After addressing any potential network issues on my end, my best guess for this is not correctly identifying, locating, or calling the available hardware resources and/or using a non-standard compression with bad implementation.

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